No longer have a filter on the word ” Oeigoer in the chat on League of Legends?

It is the English word for Oeigoer (Uyghur), it is no longer being filtered by the chat system of the League of Legends, says a spokesman for the publisher of Riot Games on Twitter. On Monday it appeared that the word was filtered out of the popular video game.

“It is absurd and ridiculous to change the name of an ethnic group, not to hide”, replied the spokesman, Ryan Rigney on Monday, when the matter came to light. Since then, he has to let you know that the filter is no longer applied to them.

Riot Games was established in december 2016, it is entirely in the hands of the Chinese gamebedrijf Tencent, after that, in 2011, acquired a majority stake in video game publisher in the app.

The Uighur population is threatened by the policies of China. As a part of the minority ethnic groups want to separate themselves from China, which country in the whole of the population as extremists, terrorists, and a threat in their eyes.

As a result, an estimated half a million Uyghurs in the detentiekampen in Xinjiang, an autonomous region in the north-west of China.

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