No living orcas in new Sea World

The new Sea World in 2020 will open the doors in Abu Dhabi. The living orcas for the first time be replaced by virtual reality.

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The new Sea World in 2020 will open the doors in Abu Dhabi. The living orcas for the first time be replaced by virtual reality.

Sea World has its 2.0 version ready. The company announced late last week that they are a “next-generation” marine park to prepare that in 2020, the doors will open in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. New is mainly that there is no single killer whale in captivity. In the place of this attraction, the audience will get acquainted with the underwater world in a virtual way.

3D techniques

“Sea World Abu Dhabi will be the first Sea World without orcas. The public will have close experiences with animals may experience, there will be mega-attractions and large aquariums,” said Sea World in a press release.

It is not yet clear whether Sea World Abu Dhabi, the first department outside of the United States is built, however, other marine mammals will keep such as dolphins or beluga’s. Sea World was not available for verbal comments.

Sea World, the park will develop, together with Miral, a entertainmentgroep already several parks manages on the artificial island of Yas, a tourist resort in the United Arab Emirates.

According Mirals ceo, Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak, will the marine park, 3D techniques and virtual reality to the visitors the impression that they are deep in the ocean, between the sea creatures, something that animal rights activism for years work.

Public opinion

The announcement of this high-tech theme park comes at a time when public opinion increasingly turns against the keeping of animals in captivity.

At the beginning of december, the company although it is understood that this new policy 320 jobs would cost.

“Sea World Abu Dhabi is pushing the future of our company in the right direction,” said director Joel Manby in a comment about the new park. “This is the right time to do this”.

Animal rights activism, however, have mixed feelings at this statement.

“Hopefully, there is real innovation is coming”, says Howard Garrett of the Orca network in Washington, an organization that action against animals in captivity. “Sea World admits that you can earn money without orcas in captivity. But that we try them all of fifteen years to tell. I fear still that they still dolfijnenshows will try to weld.”

Good example

Marine biologist Naomi Rose of the Institute for animal Welfare, is more hopeful. She thinks this step will really be the right one and also a very good example for other zoos. Though she says that she first wants to wait and see what the policy of Sea World Abu Dhabi will be on dolphins and other smaller sea creatures.

“I am curious to see if they are animals of the united states will transfer, or even new animals will catch up to keep you here”, says Rose. “On the other hand, I think it’s almost not because it would be very hypocritical to be that way the more stringent legislation in the US relating to the keeping of marine mammals to go around. I hope that they are consistent in the repositioning of their brand.”

She is already very excited about the move to virtual reality. “If that’s a big hit, will give us tremendous help to other parks to to mane: do it only in this way and leave the living animals alone.” (IPS)

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