“No health problems in a child after fertility treatment TESE-ICSI ‘

“No health problems in a child after fertility treatment TESE-ICSI ‘

Children who are born after their father the fertility treatment TESE-ICSI has been subjected to have not more at risk for health problems than children without treatments are conceived. In the treatment be sperm directly from the testicle is removed.

The Radboudumc examined more than four hundred children between 2008 and 2016 through the fertility treatment in the world came, writes The Volkskrant on Thursday. The parents filled in the years after the birth of questionnaires about their child’s development.

Also, 103 five-year-olds invited to come along for tests in the area of behavior, cognition, physical development and motor skills. Their results were compared with data about how a child is, on average, is supposed to develop.

From both research methods proved to be not that there are worrying problems arose with the children. Only the motor skills of the children proved to be slightly worse than average, but within the limits of normal development. The children born from TESE had less behavioral problems and a slightly higher IQ than average. According to lead researcher Aukje Meijerink is because quite a lot of parents that the treatment had to do the highly educated were.

Unripe seed

In some men with fertility problems there are no sperm in the semen, but through a surgical procedure, they are directly from the testicle. Which cells are in the egg injected. This way, in order to obtain sperm, Testicular Sperm Extraction (TESE), was forbidden for a long time because there are doubts about health risks to children because it is worked with unripe seed.

The treatment was between 2007 and 2014 in the framework of the investigation can only be carried out in the Radboudumc and the AMC. Two years ago, it appeared that the children born in that period via TESE in the world came, not more birth defects than other fertility treatments, on average, prevent.

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