‘No guidelines but proper care must be central’

‘No guidelines but proper care must be central’

Photo: image bank Late Zealand/Paul van Bueren

In the entire healthcare sector must be good care-are central, and not the proven care and the often tight guidelines that accompany it. That the Council for public Health and Society (SS) Monday in an opinion.

The council wants with this advice to work towards a new starting point for good care. The emphasis is now too much on accountability, standards, transparency and control. That does not pack well for the personal care for the patient.

According to Jan Kremer of the STAINLESS steel is good care “is mainly a matter of heart and soul and not only of the mind. Unequivocal scientific evidence does not fully reflect the moral and personal character of good care.”

The council will at all levels in the health care sector of the checkout process on uniform proof, so also in the examination room during the conversation with the patient. It should go to the context of the patient and the provision of care.


That means that the health insurers when the payment is more confidence in the arrangements that the health care providers with the patient. That also means “less control on the strict compliance of this directives”, thus the STAINLESS steel.

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