No goals scored in the match between FC Twente and RKC

The Club stand on Sunday with a total of five races on the program. Fortuna Sittard-Willem II kicks all at 12: 15 o’clock, after which, at 14: 30 it’s the turn of FC Twente and RKC Waalwijk, the netherlands. At 16.45 hrs, two matches are on the programme: Feyenoord, FC Utrecht and AZ and FC Groningen. 20: 00, connect the PSV to the turn off to stay at Heracles in Almelo, the netherlands. Follow our liveblog.

Good afternoon! We have been to Sam Dictus, and Robbert van der Linden, and we’ll keep you from this liveblog, on the level of the matches in the Premier league.

  • LIVE:
  • FC Twente-RKC 0-0
  • Program:
  • 16.45 pm: Feyenoord-Utrecht, the netherlands
  • 16.45: in AZ, the netherlands
  • 20: 00: Heracles-PSV
  • Results:
  • Fortuna-Willem II, 2-3

FC Twente-RKC · * * * a few hours ago, FC Twente-year-old Gonzalo Garcí Garcia has a reason to smile. With a draw and a victory and has his team in a very return to the Premier league.FC Twente-RKC · 5 minutes to geleden1, ” The ball is in the Grolsch Veste. Can FC Twente’s unbeaten status to continue or to seize a co-candidate for his side’s first points of the season?AZ-FC Groningen · 7 minutes agoI was, as usual, with ADO Den Haag in the home, in Cars, in Jeans, Stadium, today, in the stadium, starting from 16.45 hours take some home to AZ.Fortuna-Willem II · 17 hours agoThanks to the second-uitzege in a row, rising to Willem II to second place in the Premier league, with six points from three matches. The people of tilburg, may be later passed through to the appropriate teams. Fortuna Sittard is fifteen, with one point from three matches.Fortuna-Willem II · 27 minutes ago, theGreeks are shooting for Willem II over Fortuna.
Willem II against Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands the second victory of the season, has been booked. On a wet field, in the province of Limburg to win for the people of tilburg with a 2-3. Vitalie Damascan to open the score for the home team to win, but thanks to the successes of the Greeks, Marios Vrousai and Evangelis Pavlidis (2) results in the Willem II is comfortable at rest. In the second half to make Damascan have the aansluitingstreffer, but beyond that is Luck.Fortuna-Willem II · a 32-minute geleden90′ – The stoppage time is four minutes. The final assault of the Luck is more with the bravery of desperation more than anything else, but in the defense of Willem II and it looks far from water-tight. This is the wet-field is also, of course, is not surprising.Fortuna-Willem II · 44 minutes geleden78′ Ninaj put his head on the ball following a free-kick and sends his bet to the far corner. Wellenreuther is a period of time in a corner out of it.FC Twente-RKC-four hours geledenIn, Enschede, the teams in the field at the start of the warm-up. The match between FC Twente and RKC will start in forty minutes.

The players are on the field for their warm-up.

AvatarAuteurFC TwenteMoment of plaatsen13:49 – August 18, 2019Fortuna-Willem-II-four hours ago,Right after the aansluitingstreffer of the Damascan wanted Luck all along, but in the rush of the game, and the People are only careless made. As William II, the soldier has not yet been awarded, the home side have yet to view a good result.Fortuna-Willem II · one-hour geleden70′ a Fine effort from a Dankerlui. Koselev tap the ball in just before the dedication of the cross in the fly.Fortuna-Willem II · one-hour geleden64 ” The game has not improved at all since it is completely dry. Both teams are serious about the direction to the market. Bolstered by the lead, to let Willem II and Fortuna in the contest, but the People know a little board with it.FC Twente-RKC-four hours geledenOok the attitude of his side, it is well-known. These are the eleven names that have a need to do so on behalf of the team from Waalwijk, the netherlands.

OUR 1️⃣1️⃣
💛 💙 , This is our basiself in the uitduel against FC Twente. Heemskerk and Van Weert substitute for the injured Vaessen and suspended Gaari, while Bakari is the chance to get into the base!

AvatarAuteurRKC WaalwijkMoment of plaatsen13:32 am – August 18, 2019FC of Twente-RKC-four hours geledenDe basiself of the FC Region. Eye-catching name on the list is the Calvin Verdonk, and he is currently making his debut in the jersey of the Tukkers.

The file names for you this afternoon!
#fctwente #twerkc

AvatarAuteurFC TwenteMoment of plaatsen13:may 28 – August 18, 2019Fortuna-Willem-II-one-hour-agoVangelis Pavlidis seconds just before half-time, his second (and Luck’s third goal of the afternoon inside. Because Damascan, on behalf of Fortuna Sittard, in the meantime, the two times it has been scored, we are well on our way to a repeat of last year’s edition, which is in the 4-4 but came to an end.Fortuna-Willem II · one-hour geleden53 ” But, Sittard, the netherlands screams for a penalty after the Ciss appears to be on the left after the ball. The referee lindhout create is, however, nothing, and it will not be corrected by the value.Fortuna-Willem II · one hour ago, the51′ GOAL to Fortuna Sittard! 2-3

There it left the Hilly, hope for a good result. Full At My stuff and give the ball to. Vitalie Damascan it comes to the first-pole-to-man and shoots hard and high, his second hit of the afternoon indoors.Fortuna-Willem II · one-hour geleden49′ End Damascan will receive the first yellow card of the match. The Moldaviër is something to be enthusiastic about the kopduel and kegelt his opponent upside-down.Fortuna-Willem II · one-hour geleden48, ” The intent of the Fortuna Sittard, are immediately apparent. Smith shoots in from a cut off corner, straight in to the hands of the Wellenreuther.Fortuna-Willem II-one hour ago –46′ The second half in the restaurant and bar was started. Luck, and Willem II is no longer of the falling rain, but here and there are still some areas that are more of a swamp than a football field look like.Fortuna-Willem II · one hour ago,wilhelm II, after ” The, Sol, and Alexander Isak weather is an easy-scoring striker up front away. Vangelis Pavlidis is with his two hits in the first half against Fortuna Sittard will start at the four competitiegoals this season, which for some time he’s top scorer of the Premier league is.Fortuna-Willem II · one hour ago,The half-Fortuna-Willem II, and it has stopped raining. However, there are some here and there large pools of water on the pitch, which makes for great pictures!Fortuna-Willem II · 2 hours agoWe are going to rest in Sittard, the netherlands, and Vangelis Pavlidis, thank you for the remainder of Tilburg press.Fortuna-Willem II · a 2-hour geleden45′ – a GOAL for WILLEM II!!! 1-3

Pavlidis seconds, tap in from a corner, and turn off just before half-time with a second goal to his name.Fortuna-Willem II · a 2-hour geleden42′ – scope of our projects, and after the collision with the keeper which is in need of care but may be due to.Fortuna-Willem II · a 2-hour geleden38 A nice doelpoging of Luck ends up in a corner, and then Wellenreuther to the ball, the way to retaliate and, in addition, three other players have hit.Fortuna-Willem II · a 2-hour geleden29′ – a GOAL for WILLEM II!!! 1-2

Pavlidis keep a cool head and get the shot, on behalf of the people of tilburg.Fortuna-Willem II · a 2-hour geleden28′ – Penalty goal-Willem II. Pavlidis will be affected, and it is composed in a free kick.Fortuna-Willem II · a 2-hour geleden23′ – a GOAL for WILLEM II!!! 1-to-1

Lewis provides a helpful and Vrousai bend the 1-by-1 in.Fortuna-Willem II · a 2-hour geleden22′, a chance for a Fortune. Diemers are trying to re-Damashkan, but the ball ends up in the hands of the Wellenreuther.Fortuna-Willem II · a 2-hour geleden17′ – GOAL, LUCK. 1-0

After a goal for Willem II in may, Luck is expected to draw Damashkan, for the 1-0.Fortuna-Willem II · 2 hours ago the’12 – day, is the oldest and the youngest coach in the Premier league against each other. Adrie Koster has been with the 64-year-olds, the oldest of the coach, and Sjors Ultee (32) it is for the best. Two years after the birth of Ultee was the Clerk has already made its debut as a head coach in the League.Fortuna-Willem II · 2 hours ago ” is 5, While the air is somewhat clear, get a Fortune and a great opportunity. A man from the Diemers to Karjalainen at the end of the zijnet.Fortuna-Willem II · 2 hours ago ” 1. The ball is rolling in the rainy season There!Fortuna-Willem II · 2 hours ago there areStill a couple of minutes until kick-off. The players are on the field where the last of the puddles have to be swept away.Fortuna-Willem II · 3 hours geledenOver fifteen minutes, we’re going to kick off, but first of all, the rain, the field was swept.

💦 Gooooood plan!!!

AvatarAuteurWillem IIMoment of plaatsen11:56 am – August 18, 2019Fortuna-Willem II · 3 hours geledenDe the rain is pouring from the sky, in the restaurant and bar. Half an hour till kick-off.

How wet it is? 🌊
#SamenNaoVeure #FORWIL

AvatarAuteurFortuna SittardMoment of plaatsen11:43 – 18 August 2019Fortuna-Willem II · 3 hours geledenOok the basiself to Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands, have been announced. About an hour or so to go, we are the place to start!

Starting XI:
🔙 By Ciss
#SamenNaoVeure #FORWIL

AvatarAuteurFortuna SittardMoment of plaatsen11:14 – August 18, 2019Fortuna-Willem II · 4 hours geledenDe basiself of Willem II during the match against Fortuna. The first, which seems to be in the restaurant and bar will sound at 12: 15 pm.

🙌 A Full squad!
#forWIL #Drawing

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