No deaths in the first 48 hours of the armistice Syria

No deaths in the first 48 hours of the armistice Syria

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In the first two days of the truce in Syria by the Syrian Observatory for human Rights no deaths reported. It seems that the various warring parties in the country adhere to it by Russia and the United States agreed to cease-fire.

The Observatory reports or incidents of shelling by various rebel groups and air strikes by pro-government forces, people were no deaths.

The armistice went Monday night in. The agreement is supported by the Syrian government, Iran, the Lebanese Hezbollah, the UN and Turkey. Terror groups like Islamic State and Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (formerly Al-Nusra), not to the armistice.

With the armistice of a week of work the Russians and the Americans work together on a coordinated plan to radical groups in certain areas of the map. It is also hoped that relief supplies in the affected areas can achieve.

In Aleppo were Wednesday, aid convoys blocked from Turkey and were heading to the besieged city.

The agreement between Russia and the US only covers certain areas, such as Aleppo and Damascus. Beyond by the Syrian government have been fighting against jihadist groups. In the event of attacks against IS fell Wednesday, an estimated six civilians killed, says the Syrian Observatory for human Rights.


The United Nations and the US saw since the cease-fire and the violence to diminish in the country. Syria is already over five years embroiled in a civil war.

The war in Syria has already more than 290.000 people lives.

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