No carbohydrates or saturated fats? Why consultations are so different

The one that makes the fat us fat are carbohydrates, and again, the villain of the piece. How is it possible for food scientists to each other, so often disagree?

Doctor Jacqui van Kemenade, very often, in practice, patients just don’t know what health is. You should be well, however, carbohydrates cancel it or not? And it’s the fat now, healthy or unhealthy? According to her, it would also be difficult, because the studies appear to each other, and sometimes against, so to speak. She studied for her last year’s book, Lifestyle, over-the-counter. “For many years, saturated fat is the devil. Now, it’s carbohydrates.”

According to a professor of Nutrition and Health Jaap Seidell is that it is not so much the scientists and researchers who contradict each other, but are a popular option. The motor, which is the guideline for a healthy diet, it is forty to fifty years, virtually unchanged.

That directive, which states that we have to, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meats, and fish need to eat in order to stay healthy. “The problem with diets is that they focus on a single aspect of the job. Not on food, but on the body. Do not press the bread, meat, and dairy, but carbs, fats, and proteins.”

When all is said and done, an koolhydratenhater, according to Seidell, often more-or-less the same as the one vettenverminderaar: get your carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain products and fats from natural products such as olive oil, avocados, and fatty fish. “Everybody’s like, a strip of fast carbohydrates, fats, and sugars in cookies, candy, soda, and all the other heavily processed products.

Nutrition research is hard

This does not mean that there is still a lot of things about power supply are unclear. Meat Is not unhealthy, it? It helps broccoli to fight cancer? Research on nutrition is hard to do, ” says Seidell. “You can have on the health of meat-eaters compared with those of the people who don’t eat meat, but you can’t be sure what you are exactly comparing. People who do not eat meat, may also have other choices: not smoking, exercise, or groenterijk to eat.”

“In addition, there is no placebodieet,” says Van Kemenade. “Scientific research should be fair to compare them. Therefore research groups are divided into two sections. One group gets the real pill and the other a placebo. This can be done with food in a hurry, there’s no placebo for broccoli, or bell peppers.”

Nutrition is incredibly complex, ” says Seidell. There are thousands of different kinds of fabrics, in a single ingredient. What that will do all of that, and what kind of influence they will exert on each other, and the nutrients in other foods, for that, we are still a long way behind.”

Jaap Seidell: “You can have on the health of meat-eaters compared with those of the people who don’t eat meat, but you can’t be sure of what you are actually comparing.” (Image: 123RF)

Use common sense

To address the question of what is healthy to answer it, it is on the basis Of the Concert is especially important to use common sense. “The grocery store is 70 percent off items that are not on the motor is prevented. Candy, cookies, packs, sauces, soft drinks,… Them to know you really well and that they will not be healthy.”

“Food is not one of the ‘holy grail’. It varies from person to person, which is good for you.”
Jaap Seidell, professor of Nutrition and Health

According to Seidell, there is food, also is not a one-size-fits-alloplossing. Food is not everyone is the same. One may be better off with a carbohydrate-rich diet rather than the other. One can have a great time without the meat, and the other feels it, not comfortable with it.

Seidell was recently in an episode of Radar, in which two of the people with the power of the diabetesmedicatie attended. “The one sworn by a vegan lifestyle, and the other is on a ketogenic diet. With the right diet, there is not a single ‘holy grail’. It varies from person to person, which is good for you. But that applies to everyone: processed food such as biscuits, sweets, soft drinks, and other snack foods are worse than fresh produce, such as fruits and vegetables.”

Jacqui van Kemenade has been a general practitioner in Breda, the netherlands, and the author of the book Lifestyle and over-the-counter. Jaap Seidell professor of Nutrition and Health at the Vu University of Amsterdam and the author of several books, The voedsellabyrint, and Playing with food.

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