“No agreement reached between Trump and Kim at nuclear summit, the White House says

nearvideo trump says talks with Kim Jong-Un has been ‘very productive’

President Trump and Kim Jong Un address the media after one-on-one meeting in Hanoi.

Talks between President Trump and the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un, wrapped much earlier than expected on Thursday, the White house announced that no agreement has been reached between the leaders.

A planned signing ceremony, the scrubbed for Thursday afternoon in Hanoi, Vietnam, and Trump was set to take the stage within minutes for a solo press conference.

“No agreement has been reached at this time, but their respective teams are looking forward to a meeting in the future,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement.

Still, Sanders described the meeting between Trump and Kim as a “very good and constructive.”

Trump and Kim were scheduled to eat lunch, but not in the dining room, where the reporters were gathered.

Sanders says Trump’s press conference, which is scheduled for 4 p.m., has now been moved to 2 o’clock in his hotel.

Kim signaled had during a previous, never-seen-before question-and-answer session with reporters that he “is ready to denuclearize,” Reaffirming a commitment, long sought by the trump-administration and the international community.

“If I’m not willing to do that, I’ll not be here now,” Kim said through an interpreter, to answer, whereupon Trump: “That’s a good answer.”

Trump and Kim, signed a document during last year’s summit in Singapore, the agreement to work in the direction of the “complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,” but tensions have since flared between the two Nations, North Korea and, later on, it would not of its nuclear weapons to remove, unless the United States reduces its own nuclear threat.

A work was to eat, to meeting is underway between the two leaders in Vietnam on Thursday afternoon, after a busy day on Capitol Hill that threatened to steal the spotlight from the second summit between the two leaders. But neither trump nor Kim showed up for lunch.

Earlier, the story appeared, when Kim answered questions from foreign journalists-almost certainly for the first time ever.

Asked by a member of the White House press pool about his Outlook for Thursday-the summit, Kim said: “It is too early to say. I’m not going to predict. But I instinctively feel that a good result is produced.”

“It is too early to say. I’m not going to predict. But I instinctively feel that a good result is produced.”

— North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, addressing reporters Thursday morning

South Korea’s Unification Ministry in Affairs with North Korea, could not confirm whether Kim was answered the first time, a question from a foreign journalist.

Loose question-and-answer asked during an example session, if he was willing to allow the United States to open an office in Pyongyang, Kim said through a translator, “I think that is something welcomable.”

The Reporter did not have the opportunities to ask questions of Kim during his three-summit with the South Korean President, Moon Jae-in, and all four of his meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Kim ignored questions shouted to him at his first summit with Trump last June in Singapore.

President Donald Trump met North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019 in Hanoi. (Associated Press)

Trump, speaking next to Kim at the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi hotel, said that “many great ideas” are “is thrown through the area.” He claims that “if you have a good relationship, a lot of good things happen.”

“I just want to say: I have great respect for President Kim, and I have great respect for his country,” Trump told reporters, as he sat at a table across from Kim in Hanoi. “And I think it will be something to compete — with other countries. It has this potential.”

Kim, meanwhile, said: “the whole world” was watching the conversations and suggested that, for some, the image of the two “sitting next to each other” should be like “a fantasy-Film.”

Trump added that when reaching a permanent agreement was critical, “speed is important.” The two leaders then stood in silence to begin their negotiations are confidential, but photographed were short.then walk to the Metropole hotel, the pool terrace, where you together by Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and North Korean official Kim Yong-Chol, were joined

President Donald Trump and the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, take a walk after their first meeting at the Sofitel Legend Metropole hotel in Hanoi, Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019 in Hanoi. (Associated Press)

The group then went into a glassed-in area and sat down to a table for further talks.

Last year, at the Singapore summit, Trump caught US allies South Korea off-guard by the announcement of the suspension of the large US military exercises with the South. Trump’s critics say he squandered the benefit of critical US, before they had taken the North to make concrete steps towards denuclearization.

For his part, Moon Jae-in, said he plans to offer new proposals for inter-Korean engagement of the following high-stakes nuclear summit. Moon the announcement is scheduled for Friday, the ceremony to mark the 100-year anniversary of the 1919 uprising by Koreans against Japanese colonial rule, and the plans for economic cooperation between the rival Koreas is likely to be.

It was generally assumed that Trump has the decision in his private conversations with Kim — his description of the war games as a “very provocative” seemed to be in line with North-Korea from the perspective of the drills as rehearsals for invasion. Washington and Seoul have insisted for years that the exercises are routine and defensive in nature.

Bong Young-shik, an analyst at Seoul’s Yonsei University, was less concerned, saying that the criticism of Trump, which in Singapore could make him less likely to be large, impulsive decisions in his private meeting with Kim this time around.


“There’s always a certain risk in this kind of meeting, but it is hard to say, trump will be drawn, in a decision from Kim, only because of what happened in Singapore,” Bong said.

The former President Barack Obama was known to keep the occasional impromptu chats with leaders on the sidelines of the global summit only with your interpreter at your side.

Under the former President Ronald Reagan ‘ s first meeting with the then Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev in Geneva in November 1985, the two men trusted met only with trusted interpreters. Only 15 minutes was allocated for discussion, but it went on for an hour.

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