No agreement on state budget US, ‘shutdown’ until after Christmas

The so-called “shutdown” of the U.s. government will be at least until december 27. The Senate will only together again to current issues, reports senator Mitch McConnell Saturday night after a day of negotiating the state budget.

The acting chief of staff of the White House, Mick Mulvaney, keep even mind that the so-called shutdown of the U.s. government until January 3, can last. “It is quite possible that this shutdown still will take longer than the 28th of december and will be dealt with by the new Congress,” he said Sunday on tv channel Fox News.

McConnell leads the Republican majority in the Senate. He stressed that the negotiations with the Democratic party about the financing of the limes wall with Mexico, meanwhile, continue. “Anything can happen,” he says.

The Congress and the White House reached Friday no agreement on a new state budget. President Donald Trump wants billions of dollars to pave for the construction of the limes wall. The Democrats refuse therewith.

As a result, a large part of the federal government to temporarily ‘close’. Officials can then officially no longer be paid, because the government has no money to spend. About 800,000 civil servants sitting at home and get no salary. They have, incidentally, yet their wages if the government is again ‘open’.

Because of the shutdown continues to Trump around Christmas in Washington, confirmed his perschef Sarah Sanders. The president would be the holidays with his family and spend his resort in Florida, but said on Friday in the capital to continue if there is no agreement would be.

The crisis of illegal activity at our Southern Border is real and will not stop until we build a great Steel Barrier or Wall. Let work begin!

AvatarAuteurrealDonaldTrumpMoment of plaatsen20:03 – 22 december 2018

Trump continues to advocate for wall

Trump pleaded Saturday again for the construction of a wall in Mexico. According to the president stop the “crisis of illegal activities” at the border, not until the wall is built, he leaves on Twitter know.

This he refers to the large numbers of immigrants through Mexico to the United States travel. He sees them as a threat to national security.

In the past months, Trump, several attempts have been made to make immigration more difficult to make. So he decided that immigrants coming to the southern border crossing had to report at official border posts, but this regulation is prohibited by several courts.

The judges stated that immigrants, regardless of the manner in which they land in, always an asylum application may submit.

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