NJ sen Menendez is projected to win primaries after surviving an ethics scandal

The Republicans are Bob Hugin, left, challenge sen. Bob Menendez, D-N. J., in the November General election.


New Jersey were projected Democratic voters, nominate sen. Bob Menendez for a third term Tuesday, months after his trial on corruption charges a jury in a hung.

Menendez overcame an unexpectedly strong performance from primary challenger Lisa McCormick, of Rahway publisher, received 41 percent of the vote with 49 percent of precincts reporting. Menendez had the support of the state, the democratic device, and almost $ 6 million cash on hand, while McCormick has filed no fundraising reports and said she was on a grassroots-driven campaign.

Menendez faced former pharmaceutical executive Bob Hugin, was projected to defeat the concrete company executive Brian Goldberg just in the Republican primary. Menendez is weak, the show, give the Republicans some of the optimism of the Seating area fold down to keep your effort on the control of the Senate.

“While disgraced Senator Bob Menendez, bribes to accept, in Washington, Bob Hugin was the creation of jobs for New Jerseyans,” National Republican senatorial Committee Executive Director Chris Hansen said in a statement. “After years of nothing but shame and scandal of Menendez, New Jerseyans agree that it is time for a fresh voice in the U.S. Senate, and I am confident that you will choose Bob Hugin, this November.”

Menendez and Hugin spent the primary campaign season provides a preview of the elections to the Bundestag, hurl insults at each other, while raking in donations in the millions of dollars to the election campaign. Hugin appeared alongside President Trump at the White house last year, but has distanced himself from him since.

Democratic voters Menendez picked up only a few weeks after the Senate ethics Committee rebuked him for accepting the gifts, and not to tell you, while with his position to advance the donor’s personal and business interests. And in the last year, the criminal corruption trial against Menendez ended in a mistrial in front of the Prosecutor’s office dropped the charges, fueled Hugin attacks.

In a campaign ad, Hugin washed-out pictures of Menendez showed with the word “shame.”

Menendez was arraigned on charges that he accepted lavish gifts, including luxury trips to Paris, from longtime friend Dr. Salomon Melgen in exchange for the aid of settlement of a Medicaid billing dispute. He claimed his innocence during the chase, but the Senate Committee admonished him about the gifts, last month.

Menendez Hugin has been attacked as a “greedy CEO.” Hugin company, Celgene, settled for $280 million last year over allegations that it promoted cancer drugs that were not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Celgene is not liability in the agreement.

Hugin, a former Marine and Princeton University graduate, has promised to serve as an independent voice for the Democrats in New Jersey tend, where trump is unpopular with many voters.

But Hugin is already close enough to visit the President, a debate on drug prices in the White house in early 2017. Later, he called the meeting “incredibly encouraging” and the President described his agenda as “pro-growth”.

Menendez has promoted itself as a check to Trump, the lost, Democrat Hillary Clinton in New Jersey in the presidential elections. Democrats have almost 900,000 more registered voters than Republicans in the state.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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