Nintendo unveils cheaper version of the gaming console, the Switch

Nintendo has a more compact and less expensive version of its gaming console, the Switch is revealed. They can be made in the handheldmodus to be used.

The Nintendo Switch, the Lite will be on show from 20th of september to be sold in shades of gray, yellow, and turquoise. The device will have a suggested retail price of $ 200 (around 178 euros) to be sold in the United States of america.

A europrijs at the time of this writing, has not yet been announced. The console is based in the United States is cheaper than in the main model, which for $ 300 will be sold. In the Netherlands, the cost of the Switch and the Switch is generally a little more than 300 euros. It’s likely that the Switch is Lite up on here for around the 200 euro will be offered to you.

The Lite has a smaller screen. The console according to Nintendo is in order to on the go games for you to play with. She’s not a tv to be connected. In addition, the controller will no longer be disconnected.

The Games that have been created specifically for the tv screen to play, don’t work on the Switch Lite up. The packaging of the games if they are on the new console to function.

Removed the hardware

The directional buttons on the left-hand side of the screen have been swapped out for a traditional button. In addition to the infrared sensor, and vibration is not present and the Switch is Lite up.

In terms of internal hardware, the new console is largely the same, so the same games can be played. The battery has to be in the 20-to 30-percent longer insist, promised a Nintendo.


A First Look At The Nintendo And Switch To Lite

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