Nintendo Switch will not start the old games support

Nintendo Switch will not start the old games support

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The Nintendo Switch will during the sales still no support for Virtual Console games. This can cause the console not even old titles to play.

That has Nintendo on Thursday announced. The console will appear on 3 march in the shops.

“Virtual Console games will be during the sales are not available,” said a spokesman. “We will here more in the future.” Switch-owners can be new games for the console, buy it through the eShop.

Nintendo brings since the Wii old games through the software platform Virtual Console. It is, therefore, possible to for example old games for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Game Boy to play.

Nintendo wants to later, in 2017 an online service for the Switch offer, whereby subscribers every month to get access to a free old game.

According to rumors, wants Nintendo games for the GameCube to add to the Virtual Console on the Switch. This would, for example, Super Mario Sunshine be playable on the game console.

So game for your new Nintendo Switch

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