Nintendo Switch appears on march 3, for 309 euros

Nintendo Switch appears on march 3, for 309 euros

Photo: Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch, the new console of the Japanese gamebedrijf, appears worldwide on 3 march. The Switch from Friday to order and the price is according to at 309 euros.

The console is in contrast to previous Nintendo consoles region-free, so gamers can add titles from all the countries play, so you made Nintendo Friday morning announced in a livestream.

First images of Nintendo’s new game console Switch

Last year, the company has a short video of the Switch, showing that the console as a handheld to use, but also to a television set can be linked to home gaming.

Along the way the Switch is a kind of tablet with detachable Joy-Con-controllers on both sides. In multiplayer games, it is also possible that both players, one of the two controllers.

At home the tablet in a dock set and the two controllerhelften be combined to a single controller via a special holder. Buyers can opt for grey controllers, or for brightly colored variants. In addition to analog sticks, triggers, and various other buttons, each controllerhelft also a special button to capture screenshots.



The right-controllerhelft also includes an infrared camera which, according to Nintendo certain objects and movements can recognize. It is unclear how games, this camera will use it, but Nintendo says, for example, that the controller is the hand gestures rock, paper and scissors can recognize.

The controllers also have a special, extra fine vibration motor and movements may recognize. In the boksgame ARMS gamers will, for example, can boxing by really boksbewegingen to do with the controller.

All accessories are included as standard in the box of the Switch, in addition to a hdmi cable, straps to the controllers at the wrists to confirm, and a charging cable. The Switch is via the USB C standard charged, so also the chargers, of modern laptops and Android devices can be used to provide power to the device.

Standard accessories Nintendo Switch


The console must be two and a half to six hours to do with battery, depending on the game. In 3D games, such as the new title The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, players can expect a battery life of around three hours, according to Nintendo.

For local multiplayer games to play, can have up to eight Switch-systems to be linked via wi-fi. That also works without the tv via a built-in stand can the tablets then put upright.

In the summer there will also be an online service from Nintendo, which temporarily will be free. Via a smartphone or tablet app, is it possible to contact other players of certain games, and to challenge them. From the autumn must be a not yet known amount to be paid for this service.


At the announcement of the device are also various games shown. The most famous title at the same time with the Switch will be available is the new Zelda-part, which according to Nintendo is bigger than ever. In total, there are more than one hundred temples with puzzles.

Also will direct the minigamecollectie 1-2 Switch appear, that the various functions of the Switch exhibits. In spring appear the boksgame ARMS, and a Deluxe version of Mario Kart 8. In the summer Splatoon 2 and at the end of the year is a new openwereldgame with Super Mario, with the title Super Mario Odyssey, to play on the Switch.

Nintendo is also working together with other publishers like EA, Ubisoft, and Bethesda for their games after the Switch. It goes to the FIFA and NBA Series, in addition to the rpg series The Elder Scrolls.

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