Nintendo is considering a 3DS successor

File photo: An attendee plays the Super Smash Bros game for the Nintendo 3DS at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3, in Los Angeles (California), June 11, 2014.REUTERS/Kevork Djansezian

When Nintendo launched the Switch and the sales were much better than anyone expected, it seemed to be thought that the 3DS was in life. Sure the sales would drop off quickly for the seven-year-old handheld now a portable console available, right? Well, they didn’t, and Nintendo is considering a new handheld to replace it.

Confirmation of that comes from Shuntaro Furukawa, Nintendo’s new president. Furukawa is an employee of Nintendo since 1994, started as a bookkeeper before moving into global marketing, then working as a director with The Pokemon Company, and is involved in Switch development. He took over the role of president in the last month.

As Nintendo Everything reports, Furukawa explained that “the 3DS has certain advantages over the Switch, such as the ease of the purchase and the like” and Nintendo is “considering various possibilities” for a successor. The 3DS is certainly cheaper than the Switch, thus making it desirable for those gaming on a budget or to parents with young children. It’s also much easier to slip in a pocket and has a battery life Turn owners can only dream of. In terms of sales, the 3DS went past 72 million units in April and the new games are planned for 2019.

Although there is clearly no firm commitment from Nintendo yet, it will be interesting to see what, if anything, the company makes to replace the 3DS. I would bet money on the preservation of compatibility with the 3DS and the preservation of the two-screen format to differentiate it from the Switch. The internal and displays are well overdue a major update, though. Can we have a couple of 720p displays? And what will Nintendo call this new handheld?

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For now, the 3DS is still a worthwhile purchase in its latest form, the New Nintendo 2DS XL . Or for the younger children, the indestructible 2DS is perfect. With more than 1,200 games released, just about every gaming taste is catered for.

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