Nineteen killed and dozens injured in major fire in Bangladesh

In the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, are definitely nineteen people were killed in a fire in an office building. Seventy people were injured and several people sit in the building trapped.

The fire department works together with military helicopters to bring the fire under control. Senior firefighter Mizanur Rahman told in conversation with Reuters that the cause of the fire is still unclear.

There would be several people for their safety from the 22-story building jumped. Student Faisal Rifayat saw several people panicked in front of the windows, while others are down trying to climb. At least one of them would have fallen and later died.

It is the second deadly fire in a short time in the capital city of Bangladesh. Last month were 71 people killed when a fire several blocks destroyed.


Fire brigade rescues people from burning flat in Bangladesh

In the picture: Fire in Dhaka

To help the victims, save the fire brigade the windows in to get them then via a valve to the outside.

Three people by the fire brigade from their plight helped.

Hundreds of people watch the fire from the street. Dozens of students help the fire service to victims to safety.

Firefighters retrieve people from a burning building in Dhaka, Bangladesh. There are multiple deaths.

The fire has caused great damage in the 22-storey office building.

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