Nine thousand Dutch companies close serverlek after reporting researcher

Nine thousand Dutch companies close serverlek after reporting researcher

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The beveiligingsonderzoeker Victor Givers this month, over 15,000 alerts sent to Dutch companies and providers with a vulnerable server. The servers appeared to be vulnerable to the NSA-exploit EternaBlue, where the ransomware WannaCry use of made.

Wednesday were 9.294 servers patched, tells Donors Thursday to Tweakers. In total, sent he and other employees of his GDI Foundation between 2 and 5 July e-mails about 15.722 vulnerable servers. A handful of servers was taken offline, says Gevers. “There are still 6.411 servers open, so we are not there yet. The toughest job is yet to come.”

The vulnerability came in april to light via a leak from the hackersgroepering ShadowBrokers. Not long after, it turned out that Microsoft leaks all poem had, by means of a security update, probably after a tip from the NSA.

Gevers is amazed at the speed with which the organizations of the leak. The extensive news about the EternalBlue-leakage is the cause of, he thinks. The leak came in the news because it was used in the dissemination of WannaCry. In addition, think of Donors that organizations the problem is to quickly try to solve for the upcoming school holidays.

The beveiligingsonderzoeker also tries to people outside of the Netherlands to the servers to patch. Worldwide, there are still almost one million vulnerable hosts to find out the statistics of Donors.

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