Nine out of ten desserts for kids unhealthy

Almost all children provided dairy desserts are unhealthy, for example, the Dutch voedselwaakhond foodwatch. “You would expect that manufacturers understand extra attention to the health in children’s products. The opposite appears to be true: the non-profit wins the of the sense of responsibility in the food industry.’

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Ninety percent of all kinderdesserts from the large supermarkets contain too much sugar, fat or salt. That concludes foodwatch after a study of 51 products such as yogurt or pudding out of different shops. Only five products were found to meet the criteria of the world health organization (WHO).

The other 46 products each contained more sugar than the ten percent per product (two and a half sugar per one hundred grams), the who, as a boundary has been made to be able to speak of a healthy yoghurt dessert. A portion of the sweetest investigated product even contained seven sugar cubes. On average, lag the amount of sugar, fourteen grams per hundred grams.

In 39 of the 51 desserts was again a higher fat content found than the are deemed to be healthy 2.5 grams per 100 grams. Too much saturated fat was in sixteen products detected and contained more salt than is desirable.


The food industry was recently censured for its marketing to children on unhealthy products, and several companies promised recently, the sugar content in all their products to decrease. That is also much needed, according to foodwatch: now that the WHO speaks of a’s obesity epidemic, according to the organisation for no longer that a whopping 56 percent of the products in the supermarket have added sugars contain.

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