Nikkie de Jager uses a YouTube show Tv kakt, if you have One, is called

It is already well known as a beauty YouTuber, a candidate Who is the Mole? and the famous video in which she, among others, Kim Kardashian is preparing, but Nikkie Tutorials (the real name is Nikkie de Jager) has ended its own program. In the Nikkie to the Rescue! it helps that the 25-year-old men with a variety of beautyproblemen.

This is the first time that such a programme is presented. What was that like?
“It was a fantastic experience. I might televisiedingen, but I haven’t really been introduced. It feels familiar, yet different. The team that I worked with, wanted to be on a traditional tv, but at the end of seven loopshots, I said, ” Maybe we’re not going to do that again. This is the internet, which is a new type of tv, so let’s embrace it.’ Especially cool, I didn’t like that every single episode is ended with the Warner Bros logo Warner Bros., International Television Production, Uk, a producer of the series ed.), as you can see, in well-known movies and tv series. And I’m like, oh my god, that’s what I did, but geflikt.”

Can you tell us what the program is all about?
“I’ve had a red phone where I am constantly get called by people who have a beautyprobleem and saved the world. For example, this is a guy who, for the first time to go to the prom and have a full glam look and want to have a girl who would like to see more for sure and would like to feel. I go to them for help. Through a special website, people were able to log in, and there were thousands of comments on them. I have assisted with the selection and found it to be particularly important to ensure that there are also happy stories in it.”

What beautyprobleem, it would be only too happy to help, had to offer.
“I would like to help with the right kind of foundation for my skin type. For many years, and I went for a foundation that is known for not a long time to stay in place. Not so useful if you have hours and hours to have a look, it works, haha.”


Nikkie Tutorials is announcing a new YouTube series

Do you think it is important for you to program your own channel, and not for any public or commercial television?
“Yes, sir. This is where YouTube is going, you will find that there has been less gevlogd and that there will be more films, à la Nikkie to the Rescue! is to be made. Television, by contrast, kakt, if you are One of Meiland (an average of one million people, to look at the Chateau, Meiland on the SBS-ed.) as it is called. This is the future. Let’s say I have a range of a station, it would have been better, I would really want a chance to show it, but it’s nice and luxurious to be in charge, and you don’t need to justify it.”

Do you see yourself as never before in “normal” tv game.
“I have only one goal, and that is just for the Contest, do so. It would be great to have around, which, in a greenroom, as john Smith, and Eve’s home cooked apple pie on stage, because I think that they are going to be presented. I would give it a tremendous honor to be in their presence and to be allowed to stand.”

You will also be working with the recording of another program in to your YouTube channel, and the Glow-around-the-world. You all talk about?
“Right now I’m in the middle of the recording. For the program, we’ll fly around the world, where we will be met by a local icon, who has given us the beautystandaarden of that country. There have been two shootings and there will be two more installments, which I will be travelling to South Africa and New York city. In one word, I was guided through Marc Jacobs (the designer for whom The Hunter is also the artistic adviser, ed.). We are going to eat, taste, and fun things to do.”

In the first installment of the Nikkie to the Rescue! this is from Sunday the 15th of september, free of charge at the YouTube channel of NikkieTutorials.

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