Nikkie de Jager is working on two series for the YouTube channel

Nikkie de Jager, who, under the name of NikkieTutorials has become world famous by creating the beautyvideo’s, this is also a series for her YouTube channel. In the Netherlands, is currently working on two projects.

“I’m working on a couple series for my channel, which is actually more series, and in the fall premiere,” says De Jager in discussion with the

One of them is Nikkie to the Rescue, in which the YouTuber is helping people with beautyproblemen, and the other is to the Glow-around-the-World.

“To that end, I am in the world, overgereisd, including South Korea, the differences between the beautycultuur here and there to compare to. It has to be kneiters of the programs, and I’m very proud of it.”

“It’s as if they planned for me were written.”

Until then, we can De Jager (25) and on her channel, but from the 7th of August, to hear it as a voice actor in a Playmobil Movie. The YouTuber didn’t hesitate for a moment when she was asked to play the role of a Glinara it. “It seemed to me, has always been a fun thing to do, but I thought I’d never have a chance was to do something like that. When I found out that I have a bad case of play, the celebration will be complete.”

The role of the Glinara will make upkenner is defined as “a type of alienworm”. “It’s not the best, they have a very large mouth, and a cantharel, but it is a great red oogschaduwlook.”

The personality of her role, to fit, according to the YouTuber, very good to her. “It’s powerful, light, excited, shouts, and the best part: she loves anything that is shiny. If the role had been written. It is a real enjoyment to get such a character to talk to.”

This is the first time that the YouTuber is a stemacteerklus to do. “I knew ahead of time just which character it was, and what she put out. You will be prepared for you, not really,” said The Hunter. “I went out to eat and got me by surprise. The director was very nice, and I was also given a good evidence for the record.”


Watch the video from the Playmobil Movie

‘An awful lot of respect for the voice actors’

The Hunter has some scenes during the listing period. “It is very crazy to think that my voice, as a character belongs to. In my mind, I get a error of: “hey, that’s just not true! I hear it mostly in a frantic, evil, Nikkie.”

The Hunter is not only a well-known online personality who has a voice by speaking in a Playmobil Movie. The young YouTuber’s Dante’s (the channel, Clonny Games and the YouTuber’s Help, Check in with the animated film, to be heard. What is the province of it is that there are more and more well-known names that appear in the anime?

“In any film or series of attempts, of course, attract an audience,” says Hunter. “Then you’re going to be quickly well-known names. But I have so much respect for all of the voice actors in our country who have been trained, and each and every day. I have to say that I have a little bit of them near the roads. I think it is a great honor.”

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