Night of heavy riots in Hamburg due to G20 summit

Night of heavy riots in Hamburg due to G20 summit

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The German ME is in the night from Friday on Saturday for the second night in a row with major equipment called out in riots in Hamburg, where the G20 summit takes place.

Shops were looted and barricades on fire. Also motor vehicles, vuilnisemmers and cycling were according to the police up in flames.

The police made sure thirteen arrests. Earlier on Friday night were already 83 people arrested. According to the corps in the Northern German city, no one was hit.

It is not clear how many of the protesters ‘ injuries. According to the Hamburg fire brigade campaigners own emergency wound care so that the local authorities do not look at numbers.


Protesters pelting police with bottles and stones in Hamburg

Water cannons

In the district Schanzenviertel in Hamburg ransacked some five hundred demonstrators in a supermarket. The district, which, among other left-wing autonomen center Rote Flora is located, is since Friday the scene of confrontations between police and anti-G20 protesters.

Disguised protesters were walking around with iron rods, slingshots and molotov cocktails. The police used water cannons to the groups of rioters to disperse.

The metro station was for some time closed, but is now open again. According to the police, 197 police officers were injured during the riots. The police reported Saturday morning that the peace in and around the Schanzenviertel had returned.

Riots during G20 summit in Hamburg

The police in Hamburg put water cannons against the protesters.

Several cars are set on fire by the rioters.

A troublemaker throws a bike on a lit fire.

Many ultra-left and anarchist groups like the international economic summit of the G20 disruption.

For the top is a safety zone set up. Nevertheless, the police have great difficulty in making the protesters in their place.

Protesters in the streets, barricades erected and set on fire.

A troublemaker is arrested by the riot police.

The German authorities fear that there are an estimated eight thousand violent rioters at the G20 summit in Hamburg here.

In addition to cars are also a lot of windows, doors and furniture destroyed.

The police turn water cannons against the rioters.

An activist dressed as a clown is arrested during the G20 summit in Hamburg.

From the first day of the G20 summit in Hamburg when it comes to confrontations between rioters and the police.

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Friday morning got eleven protesters seriously injured when a railing on a wall where they had climbed gave way. The protesters made a fall of about four metres, says the fire brigade.

The wall was around a company where the activists wanted to enter. Were thirteen activists brought to the hospital. Many of them had wounds to the head.

The G20 meetings on Friday and Saturday in Hamburg. Thursday broke the first riots and became anti-G20 activists clashed with the police.

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