Nigerian police force releases hundreds of guys from ‘martelhuis’

The Nigerian police, on Friday, nearly five hundred boys and young men to be released from a big house in the Nigerian city of Kaduna, says the local police and to the COURT.

The police have caught the attention of the house on a tip about suspicious activity in and around the building.

Police chief Ali Janga, describing it as a martelhuis. The boys have been beaten, abused, starved, and locked up. Some of them were for years cooped up in the house.

It is not clear how the boys got there, some of them are not from Nigeria. Some of the boys say, he has been brought up by their families, who thought of the boys in a koranic school and the like. According to the police, there is no concrete evidence that there was ever a school in the building at the time.

There have been eight suspects were arrested. The victims were transferred to a stadium in Kaduna, where they will be taken care of until their families are found. Some of them were severely malnourished, and had injuries.


Nigerian police force releases vastgeketende men from martelhuis’


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