Nielsen praises Mattis’ border security hours after his sudden resignation in an exclusive interview

nearvideo Nielsen: ‘Secretary Mattis has proven to be an incredible partner for us.’

In an exclusive interview on Thursday with “Fox News @ Night,” the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen praised the Minister of defense James Mattis’ work at the limit of safety, just hours after he announced his sudden resignation.

Mattis, whose departure is effective Feb. 28, “has said as an incredible partner” with DHS on a variety of issues, including Internet safety and the fight against terrorism, Nielsen.

“We have signed a monumental memorandum of agreement between our two departments work together on cybersecurity. He has certainly been very supportive to our border protection mission,” Nielsen, anchor Shannon Bream said.

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In October, the Pentagon has announced that nearly 6,000 troops to deploy to confront the southern border with Mexico, a convergence of migrants Central American caravan. Earlier this month, Mattis signed an order to keep some troops in California, Arizona and Texas until January.

Nielsen adds that Mattis had helped “with our Anti-terrorism mission, as we join us in the fight against the terrorists abroad, so here.” You called it a decisive win for the DHS’ “home game and away game.”

Mattis’ resignation came a day after President announced, Trump, pull all of the 2000 American troops from Syria — a move that top Republicans said they would allied to threaten Syrian Kurds with the US and enable the Islamic state (ISIS), in order to regain a foothold in the country.

And on Thursday a senior U.S. official told Fox News that Trump is seriously a “significant loss” of U.S. troops in Afghanistan-a position that former President Barack Obama had for 2012.

In his resignation letter, Mattis Trump said he has “the right to have a Secretary of Defense whose views are better matched to each other” with his own.


“I am full of admiration and respect for [Mattis] and it is said enjoyed working with him,” Nielsen.

The Minister of defence Mattis turns in his resignation

Separately, Nielsen claimed that the southern border wall proposed by the trump management for the effective reduction of crime and illegal immigration.

On Thursday, Trump insisted on a spending bill that contains $5 billion in funding for the wall. If Congress does not pass such a bill — or if the trump card to Veto a spending bill, over a lack of funding for the wall — the Federal government will shut down on Friday.

“Well, first of all, I just want to said say, ‘Wall work’, ‘ Nielsen. “We know that you do. We have seen it in San Diego, we have seen that it is Yuma, everywhere, we have that the physical infrastructure.”

Nielsen added: “We see illegal immigration drop to 95 percent. The President will also continue to need for what the men and women of the Border Patrol say they. And that is what it is. It is a physical infrastructure in addition to technology and personnel.”

In an explosive Thursday, Nielsen sparred with Illinois democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez on immigration policy hearing earlier, after he called her a liar.

“Shame about all that separates the children and allowed them to stay on the other side of the border, the fear of death, fear of hunger, fear of disease,” Gutierrez said. “Shame on us with our badge of Christianity during the Christmas season for the opportunity for the Secretary to come here and lie.”

Gutierrez Slams Trump wall, Calls Jesus escape to Egypt

Nielsen shot back: “Calling me a liar slogans. I’m not a liar, we never had a policy for the separation of the family.”

A separation of the family policy, Nielsen added, “would mean that every family that I found at the time of entry I would disconnect, it would mean that every single family that I found, illegally, we would separate us. We have not one of them.”

Nielsen added that the DHS was merely the enforcement of existing immigration laws, which led to increased family separation due to a Clinton-era consent decree, but Gutierrez did not listen to your full answer. He pointedly left the meeting room as she spoke.

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