Nicolette Kluijver was concerned about the discrepancies on the longscan

Nicolette Kluijver was afraid that her lung cancer had returned, as her doctor for a scan, abnormalities in the lungs seen. Six weeks later, turns out it was just an infection and to go on. As the host of shows on Instagram will know that she is six, very intense, and sad for weeks behind him.

“At my annual check-up with my wonderful pulmonologist found out that there are two lungs, the deviations are seated. The shock was overwhelming. I had a six week wait to get back out in to the computed tomography (CT) scan to go to. In this way we could exclude it, or it was going to be a ‘normal’ infection, or, in the worst case, cancer.”

Kluijver, received in February 2017, the diagnosis of lung cancer, and it was clean testified. This past Monday, she learned that even with the new defects were gone. “What a release! It was, therefore, in order to get an infection.”

While waiting for the results of the scan, came up Kluijver is a new project aimed to put in place. “In order to express my gratitude for the life of the show, in order to truly make a difference in this life!!! I would like to introduce you to my 35 adoptiebabyolifantjes. I am the adoptive mother has become and will go in my orphan elephants visit to Sri Lanka.”

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