Nico Dijkshoorn: “I found rest by fame’

Nico Dijkshoorn: “I found rest by fame’

Photo: Nieuwenhuis

Nico Dijkshoorn was only after forty, a BN’er. Despite the fact that he is happy that he later in life became known, its fame has a very positive effect on the 57-year-old columnist had. “I have found peace.”

That tells Dijkshoorn in AD Magazine. “The fame thing happened to me. I was more than forty years an unknown, failed at the teacher training college, twenty years in the library in Amstelveen working on it.”

In 2006, he got a column in the Volkskrant, and two years later he was huisdichter when The world is running by. “I have found peace because of the fame. I used to be restless, uncertain, I moved me hard by the city.”

Dijkshoorn is glad that he is not, for example, his 27th has become known as Özcan Akyol. “I would be frightened to death. That pressure that you have, each year, a great book from kakken, that you still have your whole life, you have to make money with books.”

By now most people know who Dijkshoorn. “I have a mode developed for this purpose, I have of Hugo Borst learned: look as if you get to the end of the street looks.” Because eye contact is deadly, ” explains the columnist. “Then they think: he wants to talk to me. If you don’t watch out, depositing people, every three minutes, their entire have and cut down on you. Because they think to know it by all the columns. So now I walk like a zombie on the street.”

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