Nick & Simon would reviewers want to hear about their music

Nick Schilder and Simon Keizer read barely back what standard find the music that they make. The two singers are curious to hear their opinions, so tell them to be Faithful.

“You’re soon a year and a half with a plate in progress. Are you curious about what we think,” said the Emperor in conversation with the newspaper. Also about their own concerts, they read but little back, even if they four times in Ahoy.

Painter: “very special, right? The media paid almost no attention to it. You were there last year too, we heard. Why is this news?”

Even if the duo a prize or gold-plate wins, so says the singer. “Asked if the us still does something. Of course the us what. Here we are every day to the fight. Somewhere is a compliment that no one is surprised. It means that we have an established name.”

The two Volendam singers have the feeling that they can do what they want. “We may be a little pretentious, but also hardly anything without justification for the need to lay. However, I would appreciate if reviewers are a bit wider dared to look. It feels as if they are about us all in a position to have taken.”

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