Nick Jonas says ‘Game of Thrones’ star Sophie Turner is a ‘wonderful addition’ to the family



Nick Jonas talks career, acting, and Sophie Turner

Nick Jonas is a successful brand as an artist, both on stage and in front of the cameras as an aspiring actor. The 25-year-old opened up about his career, being taken seriously as an actor, and bonding with his soon-to-be new sister-in-law ‘Game of Thrones’ star Sophie Turner.

Nick Jonas is eager to bare almost all.

The 25-year-old singer, once recognized for the third brother in a boy band that wore purity rings, even more than his abs these days.

Jonas, the youngest of the musical brothers, has successfully create a brand as an artist, both on stage and in front of the cameras as an aspiring actor. Still, he has plenty of new tricks out of his sleeve.

Fox News spoke with Jonas about the host of this year’s Malibu Games in Vietnam, why he wants to be taken seriously as a Hollywood actor and bond with “Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner, who is working on his big brother Joe Jonas.

The bow-tie or no bow tie… That was the big #MetGala question. Thanks for coming along for the ride @voguemagazine. ? @lucasflorespiran

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Fox News: How excited are you about your brother’s upcoming marriage to Sophie Turner?
Nick Jonas: I’m very excited. I think Sophie is a great addition to our family. She is like a sister to me already. I have no details about the wedding for you, but I’m sure that comes soon.

Fox News: Has she given you any tips or hints of what’s to come on ‘Game of Thrones?’
Jonas: it’s not. She is very good about her duty of confidentiality. So is [my brother]. He is not allowed to say anything. But also, I don’t really want to spoil. I’m a kind of fan to see if it happens.

Fox News: How do you manage to successfully have that the balance between the interaction with the fans on social media and maintaining a life of their own?
Jonas: I think your best to maintain a private life, is the key. It does not always work in the world that I am. But I think it’s really important.

My family and I, we are a close-knit group for a very long time. I have that in my adult life, with my good friends. And also, I have a place in New York City. I love New York, because it is really a city where everyone is in their own world and doing their own thing, which is a nice feeling. I try to take those moments in and enjoy every aspect of it.

Bond… James Bond… Not really actually. It’s just a Nickname. My name is Nick. Not so cool.

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Fox News: How does it feel at this point in your life to pursue music?
Jonas: It’s an incredible few years. I think that the break of the solo is really worth it in many ways. I believe that I could take that step and grow as an artist, but also as a performer. And is that chance and have it so well is really great. Also the transition to the acting side of things. I am pushing myself.

Fox News: How difficult was it for you to in the first instance, be taken seriously as an actor comes out of the music world?
Jonas: I think it’s actually very similar to the transition of being in a band with my brothers in an adult music career. There are some challenges there. There are a lot of preconceived notions of who you are, what your work ethic will be and what you are going to make.

I think it’s just about the fact that really wise to do the work and tuning myself with the right filmmakers and other actors who could push me, help me grow. It’s about them stepping-stones and are willing to start small and find my way from there.

Fox News: do you feel pressure from Hollywood to meet certain expectations?
Jonas: I think that I am at times. I put more pressure on myself than Hollywood. I think that it is difficult to be in a place where you want to continue to develop, but you feel certain obstacles for yourself. But I really have confidence in my team around me to help me continue to grow and build what I hope will be a long career.

My family is cool.

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Fox News: What do you hope to achieve is the following?
Jonas: I’ve been really focused this year on writing. I wrote a play and I have with the writing of screenplays. It is a part of my creative life that I haven’t tried tapping into it quite yet. After my experience in the acting world, I have the feeling that it really opened my eyes in that aspect.

So I just try to stay as creative as possible. I understand that will be a process. It will take time. But I would like to see something I’ve written made. I want to be challenged and have people see me in a new light. And also on the music, I have a lot of things up my sleeve. Many of the songs that I’ve written. The various projects that I have in my hand.

Fox News: What is inspiring you lately?
Jonas: Kasey Musgraves’ record is really too big for me… I see her this year and I’m already a fan of her for a long time. Her new album is really something special. It is incredibly inspiring on the music side.

It’s all in the details. #JVxNJ

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Fox News: What was it like in Vietnam for the Malibu Games?
Jonas: It was a great time. We actually already did the trip and shot everything. This was a really unique experience. Getting to see this beautiful country where I have never been to team up with Malibu to these very exciting games that these groups of influencers. I think overall everyone had a great time. It was just one of those experiences that you will never forget.

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