‘Newsweek’ reporter online troll: I’m coming for you

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“I come for you, you son of a bitch.” That was Monday, the tweet of Newsweek senior writer and epilepsy patient Kurt Eichenwald, the address of the person who tweeted a flashing strobe GIF on him that caused him to have a seizure.

Per Courthouse News, Eichenwald—who appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show a few hours before the incident Thursday night, is well on his promise, filing a petition Monday in Texas, a Dallas County District Court to drop off Twitter for the identify of the person behind the now suspended @jew_goldstein account, that Eichenwald says tweeted the picture to him.

“[John] Doe succeeded in his efforts to use Twitter as a means of committing acts of violence, causing plaintiff to an epileptic attack that led to personal injury,” the petition reads.

“Twitter has agreed to an accelerated order in our attempt to locate the user intentionally caused to me to attack,” Eichenwald tweeted Tuesday morning.

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Eichenwald first mentioned in the attack on Twitter on Friday. “Last night, for the second time, a regrettable be aware, I have epilepsy tweeted a flash at me with the message, “you deserve an attack’ on it,” he tweeted.

He then announced that he would be taking a short Twitter break” for “self-protection” and to consult with the lawyer and the enforcement of the law. The director of the University of Virginia’s epilepsy program tells Mashable that stress and lack of sleep can trigger epileptic seizures in people with epilepsy, but there is also a predisposition for flashing lights.” Mashable has screenshots of the cache @jew_goldstein account, which appears in recognition of his role, the retweet of a message that says: “Last night @jew_goldstein discovered the weapons grade poison. Dropping on @kurteichenwald and forever change how we troll the opposition.” (The play of Sudoku is activated to attack a German man.)

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