Newspapers and publishers criticize EU rules on privacy settings

Newspapers and publishers criticize EU rules on privacy settings

A group of 33 newspapers and publishers in an open letter to the European Commission’s criticism on the proposed ePrivacy regulation, that have different privacy rules in Europe would strengthen.

The letter was given by the German newspaper FAZ published. The letter was signed by big media companies like The Guardian, Der Spiegel and De Persgroep. Also Susan Duinhoven, the director of Sanoma, parent company of, signed the letter.

According to the ePrivacy regulation, which in 2018 should come into effect, users in their browser can indicate whether they’re online or not followed. It is therefore through a single browser setting possible to tracking by third party cookies off or to turn. The signatories to make worried about. According to the group, it can ensure a “worsening of the asymmetric balance between publishers and global digital platforms” such as Google and Facebook.

The group fears that they have no personalized content and ads will show to users, because they cookies will prohibit. In that case, giants like Google and Facebook still browsing habits to follow, because they are also other techniques to have at logged in users.

Cookies allow

Furthermore, it would, according to the media outlets to be hard for visitors to get their settings and third party cookies to let. Currently, people must give their consent to the placing of cookies by a notice to show. Because this opportunity is lost, it would be harder to compete with Google and Facebook.

However, say the signatories, the aim of the regulation, that “the digital economy can clean up and citizens confidence to return in the way online with their data is handled”, to support it.

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