Newspapers address a large inauguration Trump

Newspapers address a large inauguration Trump

The Dutch newspapers tackle large with the inauguration of Donald Trump as the new president of the United States, and his message that for him America comes first.

The Volkskrant opens with a photo of the swearing in of with underneath the headline “Unprecedented radical start”. “The inauguration address of America’s 45th president was a rare, radical and unforgiving. Donald Trump wiped the floor with the political establishment in Washington and outlined a future in which America and Americans always come first.”

The Telegraph is the half of the front page included a photo of Trump and his fist. The newspaper stresses that the new president of America in the first place and nothing else. Trumps pep talk fell into good earth, with his followers, especially since Trump promises to Washington on the shovel to take, according to the newspaper.

The former televisierealityster attributed his victory to the people. “The time of empty words is over,” said the 70-year-old new president, who is the U.s. economy to be focus.


Also NRC opens with a photo of the new president, that his fist combative in the air cross: “Trump is full of anger from the start.” The AD opens with a picture of Trump that oath speaks and quotes the new occupant of the White House on the front page: “America is back of you.”

When True seeing is not the fist of Trump, but his raised hand visible on the front page. Below is the question: “Can trump the US unite?”

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