News anchor of the artichoke dip goes horribly wrong is in the air

Talk about putting the choke in the artichoke.

This is what happens when you don’t follow the recipe.

A TV news show team lost their minds, and almost their stomach, with a festive cooking segment gone wrong.

The result is a hilarious live TV meltdown as co-hosts, try to the stomach of the results, and the collapse of the laugh.

The team of the Canadian Global News network had spent the week sharing their favourite festive culinary delights. But it was Leslie Horton’s homemade artichoke dip that turned out to be even more beautiful than the other, they are not edible.

The problem is clearly before the dive even makes it way to the fellow’s mouth: one of the male co-hosts say it smells like vinegar, the other says that it smells like a “barn”.

Where large spoonfuls of the dip, Horton has warned them that the dip didn’t work out as planned, and her co-hosts assure them that they are not being rude, as they struggle to taste it.

But the vinegar taste is so strong, that for one there is no swallowing of the dive.

As his face contorts, he desperately pointed the dip in a napkin.

If two others on the bank resolved in the smile, Horton, who wanted to serve in a supermarket-bought Christmas cake, instead, admits they could have improvised with some of the artichoke dip ingredients.

“Something went terribly wrong,” she says, as one of her colleagues clutches her throat to say “it burns”, and collapses in giggles again.

While Horton claims that there is no vinegar in the dip, the desperate plea of the bank is: “What have you done?”

She admits that they do not have a lemon so used an orange instead; she didn’t know what spices to add, so took a point with celery salt and oregano.

She later revealed she would also used tinned artichokes.

The recipe is on the website, in the event that you want to prepare it for someone you hate.

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