News agencies slammed for video-humanization MS-13 members, downplaying the threat

Vox and ProPublica take on the heat for the production of a video down the threat by the MS-13.

Vox and ProPublica take on the heat for the production of a video down the threat from MS-13 and the description of the course as a purely “American problem.”

The ruthless gang in the headlines for years, but has something of a political football, as President, Trump makes the face of the illegal immigration problem.

The video of Vox, and ProPublica open to the challenges, the trump for the use of the gang as a justification for stricter border policy. But conservative critics accuse the Reporter go over the line, and as apologists for the MS-13.

“The left is so committed to anti-Trump, are you ready to play the role of Baghdad Bob for one of the most vicious gangs in America. If you find yourself from doing pro bono PR work for rapists and murderers, you might want to rethink your entire life,” conservative strategist Chris Barron told Fox News.

The video, “Why is the street gang MS-13 an American problem”, recognizes the committed gang, the terrible crimes, but to downplay the threat.

It MS-13 members, otherwise regular teens, selfies, and emphasized that the gang was formed to demand by immigrants from El Salvador in Los Angeles, that makes it an American Problem.

The video shows ProPublica reporter Hannah Dreier, the say that the MS-13, she looks at the floor “has almost nothing in common with the MS-13, as represented by the government,” prior to the airing of footage of trump attack on the band at a rally.

Of three then the MS says-13 members, you will encounter “working after-school jobs, living with their parents,” and in Long Island on bicycles ” because they can’t afford cars.”

in the vicinity


Man arrested after offering $500 to kill ICE agent

Massachusetts man faces up to five years, responding in jail for online threat, the former acting ICE Director Thomas Homann.

Vox senior reporter Dara Lind says in the video it is “100 percent American-born.” Lind describes their early members in Los Angeles as “a group of young people hang out, smoke pot, listen to rock music.”

The video stresses that the MS-13 is not a drug cartel, has less members than other gangs such as The Crips and is not “very well organized.” The video concludes with the statement that “MS-13 is not an Invasion” of the United States.

The band in fact was formed in Los Angeles, and its U.S. membership is lower than some of the other gangs. The video, however, glosses over the course of a strong presence in Central America, which grew after the deportations from the United States in the 1990s, as detailed by The Council on Foreign Relations.

Former acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement director Thomas Homann blasted the video in an interview on Friday on “Fox & Friends”.

“I have the investigation of illegal alien crime, for 34 years. I’ve flown to New York twice with the President, to Long Island, where he met with the families of the children killed by the MS-13],” Homann said. “The President is 100 percent accurate. MS-13 is a question of the border.”

Homann said the video is “dead wrong” and he was never contacted.

“You don’t want to reach out to me … the left-wing media, you don’t want to hear from us. You don’t want the truth,” he said. “This is a false story.”

The Federalists’ Jacob Perry wrote that the video serves as a “PR-companies for the violent gang,” while playing down the brutal gang ” to attack President Trump tires.”

Trump has often pointed out, MS-13 crimes to underline the reason for some of his controversial immigration policy. He began the immigration part of his January State of the Union address by detailing the horrors of two teenage girls who were killed by MS-13.

Directly after, MSNBC’s Joy Reid and Chris Matthews played down the aisle and the President threw in mention to the murders of applause.

A study that found the conservative-leaning Center for Immigration Studies released shortly after Trump’s speech, the MS-13 “represents a very serious threat to public safety” and the power of the resurrection “is connected directly to the illegal arrival and the resettlement of more than 300,000 Central American youth and families.”

The CIS report notes that all criminal gangs threaten “, but ” MS-13 is a unique problem, because of the unusually brutal crimes of its members have committed,” including 207 killings since 2012. Suffolk County District Attorney Timothy Sini, recently appeared on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and referred to a quadruple murder in the MS-13 members hacked with four boys in “small pieces.”

ProPublica editor-in-chief Stephen Engelberg is available to Our video provided by Fox News with the following comment: “clearly the people depicted have been provided in your opening segment, charged with terrible crimes. The point of bringing our coverage of the MS-13 is facts to the conversation. We explain the actual size of the gang, the actual extent of the criminal activity, and the actual extent to which a threat to the migrant communities in which they live — so that law enforcement authorities can take appropriate measures that these communities safer.”

Vox did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News.

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