New York Times-probing reporter Ali Watkins’ story according to the relationship with the source revealed

James Wolfe, left, a former security director for the Senate Intelligence Committee, New York Times reporter Ali Watkins, right. Federal investigators seized the years, the value of Watkins’ E-Mail and telephone records as part of a leak probe in Wolfe.


The New York Times is the review of the work of the history of the reporter Ali Watkins to your E-Mail and phone records were seized by the public Prosecutor’s office as part of a Federal leak investigation — and your romantic relationship with a former Senate aide, in the middle of the probe, the public was made accessible.

Adding to the intrigue, new accounts also require shown, Watkins, last summer, was approached by a government official who knew about the relationship and tries to help her, the detection of leaks.

Watkins, joined the Times in December, had a romantic relationship with then-Senate Intelligence Committee aide James A. Wolfe, 57, , ended last year. Wolfe last week was indicted on three counts of lying to FBI agents and was the dissemination of information to the media accused.

The Times said, it is now also on Watkins’ involvement in Wolfe’s case, her relationship with Wolfe, and how much you are open to your former employer. She revealed that the relationship at the time. But before the New York Times, the 26-year-old reporter covered the Senate Intelligence Committee for Politico, BuzzFeed News, the Huffington Post and McClatchy (as an Intern).

“Ms. Watkins, not the personal nature of their relationship early on in their term of office, to Politically, but she was treated appropriately once the disclosure was made,” a spokesman for Politically, Brad Dayspring, said in a statement.

According to the times, Watkins says Wolfe give their information during their relationship.

But the charges against Wolfe strongly suggests he was a source for them and other reporters.

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According to the indictment, where Watkins known as Reporter #2, the couple began Dating in 2013, when she was a student, working as a news Intern at McClatchy. The indictment said she ended the relationship in December 2017.

“I’ve watched you take off your career, before you ever have a career in journalism,” Wolfe said in a text message from Watkins, according to the indictment. “I’ve always tried to give you as much information that I could, and to do the right thing, so that you could get the scoop before anyone else.”

The two allegedly communicated countless times before and after the publication of a major history of Watkins on the former Trump aide Carter side of the past contact with a Russian agent.

To add to the speculation around Watkins reported that last June, was confronted shortly after they are joined, Political – of a Customs and Border Protection agent, who asked them about their confidential sources.

In this 8. June 2017 file photo, James Wolfe, center, and former Director of the security with the Senate Intelligence Committee, escorts former FBI Director James Comey to a safe room in his statement on the 2016 election and his dismissal by President Donald Trump, on Capitol Hill in Washington.

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

The identification of itself as an agent of the government, Jeffrey Rambo according to reports, met Watkins at a Washington, DC restaurant, where he searched for leaks aid in the search for government. In the same meeting, he allegedly told her, he was aware, to give your relationship with Wolfe – so far to go, your dates and destinations of overseas travel had taken the pair.

The CBP Office of Professional Responsibility is supposed to be the examination of Rambo’s actions.

A spokesperson for the CBP told The Washington Post that the Agency “takes all allegations of employee misconduct seriously. The allegation was immediately referred to CBP’s Office of Professional Responsibility. We encourage all members of the public to report potential misconduct immediately, so that it can be investigated.”

Watkins notified of allegedly counter Politically to inform you for the first time, the relationship with Wolfe. She continued to report on the intelligence committee.

In December of last year – just a few days before Watkins began working with The New York Times – which was also addressed by FBI agents and questioned about her relationship with Wolfe. Watkins did not answer any of your questions.

Watkins’ lawyer, Mark MacDougall, did not return Fox News ” request for comment, but in the statement released last week, said: “It is always strange when a journalist is a phone records by the justice Department through grand jury subpoena or other legal process. Whether it was really necessary here depends on the nature of the investigation and the scope of the charges.”

Wolfe, the longtime Director of security for the Senate intelligence committee, had a brief appearance in Federal court in Baltimore last Friday, where he was released from custody and ordered to appear before the Federal court in Washington on Wednesday for his trial.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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