New York Times details the terms of the Obama-era family detention center: “there is No place for human beings”

An asylum applicant detailed the terrible conditions they faced, in the case of a family, the detention center during the Obama administration.

The New York Times published a shocking report first-hand about the terrible conditions faced by a mother and her young son, who, according to the immigration into the United States from El Salvador. Unfortunately, the mainstream media, the search continues to portray a President Trump as the face of the immigration crisis-the asylum – tragic account happened in 2014.

The author of the Op-Ed wrote on the condition of anonymity because of “gang-related threats” faced by your family. You said that you came to escape the violence in their homeland of El Salvador wanted to, so that in the United States, a new life, while President Barack Obama his second term in the White house.

“Instead, I found myself trapped in a family immigration detention center. It is an experience I don’t wish that on anyone,” she wrote.

The mainstream media has painted Trump as the face of the immigration crisis, but the times piece shows that it is a permanent topic, it was a range problem, since the current President was just a real estate mogul. The woman tried but failed,, the asylum in 2014 never the speech of Obama in your shocking report. Trump was mentioned by the second paragraph, when the mother commented that they do not believe that family is the answer to the outcry in relation to children separated from their parents.


How similar the immigration of the agenda for Obama’s trump card?

The anonymous woman found “no relief” in the United States, where she was held for two months in a for-profit immigration detention center in New Mexico, in the year 2014.

“The day-to-day conditions were terrible. The food was always expired, the milk was spoiled, and we were also with snacks for our children in-between meals,” she wrote.

You said that was sometimes thrown food, because of concerns about rats in their room and said that a child often went to bed hungry, while clean water was hard to come by.

“It was no place for humans, let alone for families with small children,” she wrote.

The woman told the children not spoken in the Obama-era detention center will receive the proper medical attention, but she says, that led to at least one event of death, and employees, down to the prisoners.

“When a mother, whose daughter’s asthma informed the officials that your child needs medical care, she was told, she should have thought about that before you came to the United States,” she wrote.

“To experience this type of treatment was heartbreaking.”

– Woman from El Salvador seeking asylum in US

It was not only the children, who were inhumanly treated, after the woman. “Once officers physically forced a native woman to take a shower while you wrote the Menstruation, violate your privacy and your cultural beliefs,” she said.

The woman wrote that “to experience this type of treatment was heart-breaking, and added that it has with her in the years since.

It is unclear whether the conditions have improved, or become worse, since the anonymous woman’s prison, spent two months in custody in 2014. Last week, after the national outcry in the case of family separations as a result of Trump’s “zero tolerance policy” for illegal immigration, he signed an executive order, so that the children can stay with parents caught crossing the border illegally.

“This is not a solution, it’s a prison sentence,” the woman wrote, based on your Obama-era experience.

While the woman would be the terrible story, a tragic under an administration, the question arises, why is immigration a lot was covered so different than during the previous administration.

Brian flood covers the media for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter @Brian flood.

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