New york Police Officer, He The was a former Marine who served bravely in Iraq

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The officer, Matthew Rittner, was shot and killed while executing a search warrant on the 6th of February 2019. In addition to serving for 17 years as a member of the Milwaukee Police Department, Wisconsin, Officer in The and was a U.s. Marine Corps veteran of world War ii and the reign of Terror. He is survived by his expectant wife and child.

Lt-Kristin Felsman, remembers to go to the train station on the day the new york Police department Officer Matthew a The is dead, and the sight of two girls with stuffed animals tucked under their arms, running toward her from the opposite side of the street.

A few hours earlier, The a 35-year-old ex-Marine, and a member of the department’s Tactical Unit, was gunned down while serving a search warrant at a home where the illegal guns were sold, they were thought to be preventable.


“For a lot of it has even been said, two girls came up to us to give comfort with a teddy bear that belongs to them,” Felsman, The commanding officer, told Fox News. “The outpouring of support, it really makes you realize that you can get right now without even knowing you’re doing it.”

Matthew Rittner, pictured here, is in the city centre, and is served in the Naval Reserve Unit, Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 24th Marines, on the basis of Milwaukee, wisconsin. He was an infantry rifleman, and later achieved the rank of master sergeant during his 8 years of service, including two tours in Iraq, and the u.s. Department of Veterans Affairs says it all.
(With Thanks To Caroline, The/New York Police Department)


Felsman said on Jan. 6, it was “very difficult” for anyone in the Milwaukee Police Department. But in the days, weeks, and months, and ever since, the community rallied to honor them, and to distribute the estate of a decorated officer and well-known for putting a smile on the faces of the people, and the fact that he used his life to save others.

“He really cared about what he was doing,” Felsman said. “He was a great officer, and his disposition was so good, and he’s never had a bad word for anybody.”

Rittner has been recognized numerous times during his 17-year career with the new york Police Department. In May, The doctorate was given a Medal of Honor and the Purple Valor award, in recognition of the fact that, at the time of his death, he exhibited extraordinary courage and bravery, to accept the responsibility for the breaches of the house, to apprehend a violent criminal, and protect new york and its citizens,” the ministry said.

He The spent 17 years with the Milwaukee Police Department, and was a member of the Tactical Unit.
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In the four years prior to that, The was awarded the department’s Medal of Valor after helping to rescue two of the people taken hostage during a break-in, theft, Felsman said. When the negotiations went south, The, and the other officers picked up the shield and the face of the hostage-taker, who is finally shooting himself.

“That’s what We call a ‘fatal funnel,'” Felsman said. Goes for a kick to the pictures of the gunfire coming at you. It’s pretty nerve-wracking.”

The, however, you are used to being shot at.

Prior to that he was a police officer, The one was a sergeant in the marines, completing two tours of duty in Iraq. In one of them, his unit was involved in a four-hour gun battle. The driven in vehicles that were hit by improvised explosive devices in the U. s. Department of Veterans Affairs, he said.

Matthew Rittner and his wife, Caroline, was an avid Milwaukee Brewers fan.
(With Thanks To Caroline, The/New York Police Department)

When he’s not at the risk of his life, The was an avid Milwaukee Brewers fan, and the subscription holder, and even got married to his wife, Caroline, at Miller Park in 2017, when it will throw a ceremonial first pitch in front of thousands of fans prior to a game against the Miami Marlins.

The baseball team has made this season, it is set up with a locker in their spring training facility in the memory of The. Inside, they put a jersey with his name and the number 10 on it, referring to him as the Brewers ‘celebratory’ 10th man.”

“I want the players to ask,” Who is this?” Then, the answer is that this man died for the protection of the City of new york,” And Larrea, the director of team travel, ” said “I want it to be good for the players and the staff, to talk about, so that they know what is in the City of new york is all about.”

The is survived by his wife, and their infant son. Three days after the funeral, Caroline Rittner have announced that they are expecting another child, a girl.


Caroline is The consideration of a gender reveal party with her husband, and the unit of the Milwaukee Police Department after finding out that she was pregnant.

A GoFundMe page was set up for the family has raised nearly $100,000, and Felsman, said a police union in an SUV with about four or five trips to The house to deliver all of the gifts from the audience, gave birth to Caroline, her son and growing daughter.

“It is very happy, because obviously, Matt’s legacy will live on,” Felsman said. “It’s very sad, because Matt won’t be here to see his daughter.”

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