New York cop-killer released from prison-given right to vote under the new Cuomo policy

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New York Governor issues pardons, paroled votes

Governor Cuomo granted parolees ” the right to choose. Widow of NYPD officer speaks.

A cop-killer recently released from prison, get a further advantage of the freedom: the right to choose.

Herman Bell, 70, who served 44 years in prison for the murder of two New York police officers in the 1970s, was granted parole last month by the state parole board. But a new decision by New York democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo to issue conditional pardons to more than 24,000 parolees means bell can. vote in the upcoming elections

“How could he do such a thing? This is a convicted felon. He killed police officers in New York,” Diane Piagentini, the widow of the officers of one of the murdered, said on “Fox & Friends” Friday, noting bell “has been convicted” and “25-years-to-life” in prison.

Cuomo’s pardons, issued earlier this week, cover 24,086 ex-cons, under probation supervision, including bell. The move follows a related executive order signed by the Governor last month.

Herman Bell, now 70 years old, was granted parole after serving 44 years in prison for the murder of two New York police officers in 1971.


In 1971, Bell, a convicted ex-gang member, murdered New York police officers Joseph Piagentini and his partner, Waverly Jones. To give the New York State Parole Board bell probation agreed to in April.

Cuomo, the parole board criticized the decision, but said the panel is under his control.

“If I were on the parole board, I would not have made this decision,” Cuomo told reporters last month, said. “The parole board is an independent body, but I wouldn’t have made this decision.”

In spite of Cuomo against Bell, and the release on parole, the Governor of the new political bell for participating in the surveys, while in year 2018, New York in the primaries and the General election.

“The right to vote is of fundamental importance, and it is irresponsible to deny that the basic rights of citizenship, such as New York, have paid their debt to society,” said Cuomo. “The recovery of a voice, the men and women strengthen in their communities, our democracy, and the return process, which will in turn contribute to a relapse.”

Diane Piagentini, in an interview with Fox News, stressed that the bell was convicted of “” and “25-years-to-life” in prison.

“He’s doing it for votes,” Piagentini said. “He did it right in front of the Democratic convention.”

Cuomo’s announcement came in the run-up to the New York Democratic Convention. Cuomo is seeking a third term as Governor of New York, the primary campaign against former “Sex and the City” star Cynthia Nixon in the Governor elections.

Cuomo has also been criticism from the Republican candidates for Governor, Marcus Molinaro.

“While I clearly believe in second chances, I also believe in the rule of law,” said Molinaro, when Cuomo signed the executive order. “Desperate for a challenge, Cynthia Nixon, Andrew Cuomo fend off, with the unilateral action an affront to the legislature, the courts, the crime, the victim and the voters of the state of New York.”

Molinaro added this week that Bell “is one in a maximum security prison for life, not in a voting booth.”

A spokesman for Cuomo’s office and his campaign does not respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Brooke Singman is a political Reporter for Fox News. You can follow her on Twitter at @Brooke FoxNews.

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