New York ‘bodega cat’ nicked from the neighborhood store back to the family, a boy with autism

New York police released photos of a man wanted for the alleged theft of a 2-month-old kitten from a bodega in the Bronx.
(New York Police Department)

In a rare purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect end, the Bronx “bodega cat” — that was stolen from a neighborhood shop where the was an autistic boy’s pet — was allegedly returned Thursday to its rightful place of residence.

No other details about the 2-month-old kitten’s back were immediately released, ABC7 reported.

News from the literal cat burglar, the kitten-sleep during the weekend drew shock and outrage that even Queens Councilman Robert Holden offered a $250 reward – no questions asked – for the safe return of the kitten, with the name Luna. Luna was the pet of a 10-year-old boy with autism and the kitty lived in the Bronx store. It was not immediately clear whether someone was eligible to claim that Holden’s reward.

“I’ve never heard of someone stealing a cat. It seems like the last thing you think that someone is going to come and get your cat, no. I mean, he could get a cat anywhere, but for us, she is special,” Suzie Pena, the shop, co-owner, told NY1.


Surveillance footage shows a man with a Cookie Monster T-shirt to wear to the 2-month-old kitten in his hands while he reached for a drink in a cooler. After the purchase of the soda, the unknown man walked outside with the animal.

“We checked the camera. There you go, the man that stand here, who bought the soda ran out of the shop with the cat in his hand and I had’t see it at all,” Ismael Diaz, the store’s co-owner, told NY1.

The NYPD released images of the suspect Wednesday.


“My name is ‘Luna’ I am 2 months old and that guy in the picture stole me from my home, I am a very sweet kitten who loves to play with everyone, I’ve never been outside before my mom Is afraid that he will hurt me, he lured me under a table, police report, and the news are been informed, please help me back home,”the deli wrote in a Facebook post that shared photos and surveillance footage of the incident.

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