New York, 3 other States file lawsuit against Trump rules for immigrants receiving public aid

close tovideo, several States legal challenges to Trump the administration of the public charge rule’

USCIS Deputy Director, Ken Cuccinelli says that all are freed of the humanitarian Visa from the ” public charge rule.’

Three other States and New York City on Tuesday, the latest file, the rules in a Federal lawsuit relating to the challenge of the new Trump management, would deny green cards to legal immigrants, if you are dependent on public support.

State of New York, along with Connecticut, Vermont, and the nation’s largest city say the rules are illegal and contrary to the national values.


“Generations of citizens landed on the inviting shores of Ellis island with nothing more than a dream in the bag,” said the New York attorney General Letitia James, who is the leading is the latest legal challenge to the President’s tough immigration policy. “The trump administration’s thinly veiled efforts, that only those who meet your narrow ethnic, racial, and economic criteria, our nation is a clear violation of our laws and our values.”


More than 15 other States are separately challenge the rules for those who would become legal permanently in the United States, The rules in effect in October, but the legal Challenger to a Federal search-wide preliminary injunction blocking the execution until the cases are litigated fully.

“This rule cover, for USCIS, nearly 400,000 people per year, their applications, legal permanent residents belong to a meaningful analysis of whether or not you’re Ken Cuccinelli, the Deputy Director of the immigration authority (Citizenship and Immigration Services, said likely to be a public charge or not,” with the announcement of the changes last week.

According to the new rules, the Federal government could refuse to grant green cards to legal immigrants with Medicaid, food stamps, housing vouchers; greater Federal assistance programs, which could lead to a situation in which immigrants and a focus on immigrants ‘ skills rather than family reunification.


It follows other Federal States and municipalities complain about the rules, including California.

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