New visvangstquota for Belgian fishermen captured

The European ministers of Fisheries, the quota in the North sea increased. That is good news for our fishermen. The quotas are to ensure a sustainable fish population, overfishing fight.


The quotas are set annually, in december determined by the European Commission in a so-called council of fisheries ministers. The decisions of the Board to be justified by scientific advice. Research institutes, including the Institute for Agricultural and fisheries research (ILVO), collect data about the growth of the fish stocks, the number of mature young of animals and the quantity collected can be within the assigned vangstrecht or quota.

This shows that there is good news for the Belgian fishermen who fish in the North sea. The files of sole, cod, skate and plaice in the North sea are healthy, which has led to an increase of the quota for sole by 22%, for cod by 15 percent for rog with 5 percent, and a status quo for plaice.

The file for plaice is the last five years at a historically high level. Not unimportant to the Belgian ship-owners, because for them the main fish species.

For the other fishing areas, there is less good news. However, in the Eastern part of the English Channel , the quotas have been brought down, with 19.5 percent for plaice, and 15 percent for sole. The cod in the Celtic Sea remains fragile and the fishing opportunities decline with 38 percent. And in the Irish Sea remains just as last year, prohibited on tongue fish, except for scientific purposes.

“Maintaining a sustainable fish stock is important for me: a healthy stock is of a species of fish not harvested then re-grow. Thanks to the efforts of our fishermen by selective fishing and by sensitive files to protect, we achieve in most areas of this level already. At-risk files, we will continue to be extra careful and avoid overfishing,” said minister for Fisheries, Joke Schauvliege. (Belga/DB)

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