New Video: These are movies and tv series that appeared last week

Every week you come up with movies and tv series on Video. Last week, The Hell of ’63, and The GVR as well as a number of kerstfilms.
Series and programs

Double life

A friend of Karen’s is a friend of Nina’s. Recently, when a friend dies, they find out that they have a lot of things are lies. His double life, and after his death, there is still a lot of impact on the two women. How does it go from here?

Team, Accident & Emergency

Nurses and doctors in accident and emergency departments are followed up, and you can see from all of the world: the screws on in someone’s face, it burns, and medical conditions.

Paul’s Number 1 Show

Paul de Leeuw doesn’t end after the presentation of the hitprogramma Ranking the Stars: he’s going to just take’s the Number 1 Show. This will involve three of the guests, who all have one thing in common, to fight against each other in an interesting game.

In the very first episode is a Lion-Loretta Schrijver down.


Alex Perrish, a former special agent for the FBI, but for now, she is a prime suspect of a terrorist attack. They put everything on the line to keep her innocence and to demonstrate she is going to go back to the very beginning of her career, the series focuses on the flashbacks of Alex’s FBI training session with one of her colleagues.

Life of Kim –

The life of Kim Feenstra has been very busy. In the Life of Kim to show them how to, photography, modeling, and private combine. “You can seek me and find me, you can tell me. Besides that, I’m a boring way.”, according to Feenstra.


Have a look at the life of a top model KIM FEENSTRA

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The Hell of ’63

In 1963, the Course huge a lot. So violent that there was even a movie made about it, it is. Here we see how four different characters in the Course have gone through, which is also known as ” The Hell of ’63’ will be called.

Trailer – the Hell of ’63

Once Upon a Christmas Miracle

Video if more kerstfilms online. Once Upon a Christmas Miracle reminds me of Last Christmas by Emilia Clarke, who this year at the cinema.


The Big Friendly Giant is a movie based on a book of the same name by Roald Dahl. Together with a young girl who goes to the lovable giant in the battle with man-eating giants, in order to save the world.


The GVR (DUTCH) trailer

Kick-Ass 2

The Kick-Ass group is part of the two. There will be a war between the good group, Justice Forever, and with the wrong gang of Bad Guys. It’s all about revenge, this is the second part of it.


Click here to watch the trailer for Kick-Ass 2

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