New trend: the laagjessalades in a glass jar

They are hip and trendy: the salads in a jar. Either: original salads with healthy and fresh ingredients in a glass jar, as an alternative to the traditional sandwich lunch. More about this glass variant.

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The rise of the weck jar or mason jar continues. The hipsters use it more as a cocktail glass. With a straw through the lid – slow drinking. The trend broke through, Hema, and Blokker were the orders of jars no more. Now there is a second wave. The lunch in a jar. How you oplepelt, us (for now) not completely clear. Slow eating?

Salad of roasted cauliflower with loose-leaf lettuce, recipe from ‘Salad to go’ (see below). Turn the jar, pour in a pot and the salad is mixed.

Called to..

The mason jar with its characteristic lid in 1858, designed by a tinsmid from Philadelphia: John Landis Mason. His invention was unique because it was the first glass jar with a screw cap. Before his creation there was always paraffin is required to provide food, hermetically to close. The original mason jars are since last year also in Belgium, available.


New online platform that lunches to the home in Brussels, Antwerp and Mechelen. Order on organic salads or soups in a jar. Also vegetarian and vegan offerings. Of the surplus ingredients in the evening makes Jarheads fresh soup to Daklozenhulp is given.

Vina Clara in a jar

Vina Clara, housed in a majestic house on the Boelaerpark, is already eight years a fixed value in the Antwerp restaurantwereldje. Looking for an ecological, healthy, original alternative for the current traiteursconcepten and home delivery, were the owners on the idea of the original salads and hot dishes in the glass jar. In October, Vina Clara in a jar launched. Due to the instant success of the hip jars, also in the evening to be ordered from Tuesday to Saturday.


Dutch foundation, founded in 2014 by four starters who food waste to go through old conserveertechnieken hip again. Every morning, pick them at Albert Heijn stores products that are no longer suitable for sale. Brown bananas, for example. Bread of yesterday. There is a restaurant in Amsterdam, a takeaway and a food truck. And also a cookbook (19,99 euro, Character).


French chain where all the food is packed into canning jars. The recipes come from Michelinkoks. Since the end of last year, there is a branch in Brussels (avenue louise 52, where your creations of chefs Lionel Rigolet and Pierre Wynants (Comme Chez Soi) off of the racks, can pick.

Bocal Local

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Sauzenbedrijfje of Jolita Leenknecht, the manager of the Ghent kinderwinkel Monsters with an Attitude. Jolita is married with a Sicilian Angelo, that her love for the Italian kitchen inlepelde. Bocal Local is a assortment of homemade pasta sauces. Without additives, because they are geweckt and preserve as four months. To purchase in her shop (Sluizeken 32) or on

Salad to go

Dutch version of the Australian cookbook Jar Salads (14,99 euro, Character). With the goudentip: “The order of filling of the pot is important: first, the sauce or dressing, then the robust, heavy-duty and resilient ingredients like carrot, cucumber or cauliflower and as the last delicate ingredients like leafy green vegetables, fresh herbs or sprouts.”

Salad in a jar

Even a cookbook. Originally issued in French, now translated into Dutch by Manteau (17,50 euro). With a new word for the oxford English Dictionary: the laagjessalade.

The author, the French foodie Bérengère Abraham, sees the cup as the new brooddoos.

Two recipes from “Salad in a Jar’:

RECIPE: cauliflower out of the oven

For pot 1 liter – preparation: 25 minutes

This salad contains nitrates, which has proven the efficiency of the muscles increases. This can lead to better athletic performance and endurance.

150 g cauliflower, over cooked

130 g chard, hard stems removed, leaves finely chopped

85 g chickpeas (self-cooked or canned)

2-4 tablespoons tahinidressing

2 spring onions, in thin rings

1 cucumber (the small Persian variant, if you can find that), in slices

50 g radish, in slices

Method of preparation: mix the dressing in a glass jar of 1 litre. Add the spring onions, followed by the cucumber, radish, chickpeas, cauliflower and the chard. Close the pot well.

RECIPE: smoked salmon & watercress

For a game of 500 ml – preparation: 10 minutes

This salad contains a lot of fats that are good for your heart. They protect against high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure.

50 g smoked salmon

50 g of cucumber (the small Persian variant, if you can find), sliced

10 g watercress

1-2 tablespoons cidervinaigrette

1/2 tablespoon capers, rinsed

1/4 small red onion, in thin half rings

1/4 small avocado, peeled, pit removed, sliced

Handful of bladpeterselieblaadjes

Method of preparation: mix the vinaigrette in a glass jar of 500 ml. Place the red onion on it, followed by the capers, cucumber, smoked salmon, avocado, parsley and finish with the watercress. Close the jar tightly.


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