New test can reveal how healthy a person eats

New test can reveal how healthy a person eats

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A new test developed by British scientists, can reveal how healthy or unhealthy the diet is of someone.

It comes to a urine test, biological markers analyses, which have emerged after the breakdown of foods. The research was published in the Lancet or Diabetes and Endocrinology.

This can be useful for people that their nutritional intake is to track or for doctors who access want to into the diet of their patients.

Often this information is now by patients and passed, but research shows that in 60 percent of the cases, the amount of fruit and vegetables overestimate and unhealthy snacks often do not report.

Four diets

For the development of the test have nineteen volunteers four different diets for up to 72 hours followed. The researchers filterden then metabolites from their urine, which arise when food is broken down in the body.

These act as indicators of red meat, chicken, fish, fruits and vegetables and give the amount of protein, fat, fiber and sugar that is eaten. Here are also metabolites in specific can indicate which products are consumed, such as citrus fruit and leafy vegetables.

From this information the researchers were a ‘profile’ of a healthy and balanced diet. This was compared with the profile that was found from the urine test of the patient. The accuracy of the composite profile was then tested with three hundred volunteers. It turned out that the test was accurate.


“This test would be the first objective indicator of the quality of a diet,” says Gary Frost, seniorauteur of the research.

The developers of the Imperial College in London, hope the test within two years will be available for the public at large.

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