“New technique helps severity of injury in soccer better assess’

“New technique helps severity of injury in soccer better assess’

A new way to the severity of muscle injuries to establish, clarify how long players need to restore their condition.

That suggests a new research from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia that has been published in Physiological Measurement.

According to Spanish scientists indicates a power surge through the muscles get a clearer view of soft tissue damage than an ultrasound or MRI scan, writes the BBC. Football clubs would thereby be able to better estimate how long a player after an injury from the rotation.

The new technique was tested on eighteen professional soccer players from FC Barcelona, who for five years were followed. There was looked at 22 different muscle injuries.

Injuries to skeletal muscles are common in sports and especially in football, where they provide for 30 percent of all injuries.


According to the study, it is often difficult to determine when a player after an injury fit again, since the damage to muscles with the current methods is hard to measure. The new technique, “localized bio-impedance measurement” (L-BIA) is called, works by the administration of ac by healthy muscle tissue . That is then compared with affected tissue.

According to hoofddokter at FC Barcelona, Javier Yanguas is the new method, suitable to use in addition to an MRI scan, or ultrasound, to help determine how serious an injury is. Furthermore, the method is relatively inexpensive.

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