New talks in Astana on implementing cease-fire and Syria

New talks in Astana on implementing cease-fire and Syria

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Experts from Russia, Turkey, Iran, and the United Nations in Astana, discussions started about how the state-of-the-fire in Syria can best be implemented. Is expected to Jordan also for the first time to join the conversations.

On the agenda is the reflection on the implementation of the cease-fire and a proposal of the Syrian armed opposition, and how this proposal was possibly the best that can be done. What exactly is in the proposal state, is not known. The negotiations are separate from talks on Syria by the United Nations on 20 February be resumed.

“The discussion is primarily in the character of the creation of mechanisms for the control to continue to keep during the introduction and enforcement of the cease-fire,” says a spokesman of the ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan.

During previous ‘alternative’ peace negotiations in Astana, the negotiations were difficult. The Syrian opposition and the government of president Bashar al-Assad, refused to directly speaking with each other. The primary objective of the cease-fire that was agreed upon, it is possible to make of humanitarian aid.

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Sergey Lavrov

The Russian minister of Foreign affairs said on Sunday that the talks in Astana negotiations of the UN is not in the way. The discussions should, according to Lavrov, this was just complementary to each other.

The talks in Astana to be seen as a sign of the growing influence of Russia, Iran and Turkey in the Middle East, while the US is there precisely to influence further improvement. Russia wants the US love to involve in the talks, but Iran wants the Americans prefer to be out the door.

According to Iran is peace in Syria possible only if radical sunni groups like IS and al-Nusra are turned off.

The discussions in Astana will take place behind closed doors.

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