New Strzok-page texts reveal the other were leaking like crazy” in the run-up to Trump-Russia-probe

Ex-FBI lawyer, Lisa page, and FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok fired replaced anti-Trump-text-messages.


New text messages between the ex-FBI employee Peter Strzok and Lisa page betray the others were “leaking like crazy” in the run-up to the Trump-Russia agreement sample, according to the new communication between the former lovers comes exclusively from Fox News.

A lengthy exchange dated Dec. 15, 2016 appears to reveal a potential leak-mode operation for “political” purposes.

“Oh, remember you tell me to do you tomorrow about the times, a story about the rnc hacks,” page texted Strzok.

“And more than you already did it? I told you, Quinn told me that you pull out all the stops on some history…” Strzok replied.

A source said, Fox News “Quinn” could be. Richard Quinn, the chief of the media and the Investigative PR-Department in the Office of Public Affairs Quinn could not be reached for comment.

Strzok said: “I Think our sisters have started leaking like crazy. Despised and worried, and political, you kick into overdrive.”

In a passage, Strzok apparently misreads a reference to “rnc” as “mc”, and then, realizing his error, not the fault of the “old man eyes.”

It is unclear at this point, to be referred to whom Strzok, when he uses the term “sisters.”

‘To think, our sisters have begun leaking like crazy. Despised and worried, and political, you kick into overdrive.’

– Peter Strzok, Lisa Page

Retired FBI special agent and former FBI national spokesman John Iannarelli said Fox News, it could be the authority is a reference to another government.

“Sisters, is to use a strange phrase,” Iannarelli told Fox News on Wednesday. “It could be, no intelligence, Agency or any other Federal law enforcement Agency. The FBI is working with all of them, because, post-9/11, it is all about collaboration and sharing.”

There are 17 agencies of the intelligence services, including the CIA, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the National Security Agency and the FBI.

The “leaking like crazy”, the text came on the same day that several news agencies reported that U.S. intelligence officials said they were convinced that Russian President Vladimir Putin was personally involved and approved the Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential elections.

Days before The New York Times published an article titled “Russian hackers Acted to help Trump, election, USA,” quote “senior administration officials.”

A story published by The New York Times weeks on Jan. 10, 2017, suggested that Russian hackers have “limited access” to the Republican National Committee. Jan. 10, 2017 is also on the same day, BuzzFeed News the notorious anti-Trump-dossier published.

The following text about the “sisters lick,” Strzok wrote on the page:

“And we need to talk more about putting C-reporting in our template. You are going to declassify all of it…”

Page replied, “I know. But they are going to declassify their stuff, as we restrain you…”

“We will also ask ourselves exceptional. What we did, what we are doing. Just want to make sure that everyone is thinking about the implications,” wrote well with him and has Strzok. “CD, it should bring the DD.”

The former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok replaced anti-Trump-text-messages with his girlfriend Lisa page.


A source told Fox News that “C” is probably in reference to the confidential information, while “CD” Cyber Division, and DD could relate to former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

McCabe’s attorney, Jeff Sessions in March for an unauthorized disclosure to the media was fired by General government, and “lacked openness,” under oath on several occasions.

It is unclear what “submission” Strzok and page.

A source told Fox News that the messages were part of a newly released batch of Strzok-page messages from the justice Department inspector General Michael Horowitz, revealed as part of his investigation at the beginning of the FBI-Russia investigation.

A spokesman for the general inspector, declined to comment to Fox News.

Strzok and page were first brought into the spotlight last December, when it became known that Horowitz discovered a series of anti-Trump-text messages between the two officers, who were in a relationship.

Strzok and page were both on Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the team explores the Russian interference and possible collusion with Trump ally of the campaign, 2016 presidential elections. Page served on the special counsel’s team on a short detail, back in the FBI Office of General Counsel in July 2017.

The discovery of the anti-Trump exchanged messages with page, ultimately, Strzok have to start from Müller’s team, and assigned last year to the FBI office of human resources.

Former FBI lawyer, Lisa left the FBI in may 2018.


In July Strzok lost his security clearance and was accompanied by his FBI office. In August Strzok was officially fired from the FBI.

Both Strzok side and testified on Capitol Hill this summer.


Horowitz published a 600-page report on the FBI’s handling of the investigation of state Hillary Clinton, the use of a private E-Mail server, during the conduct of official business as Secretary of state.

The inspector General’s report found that some office-officials “appeared to mix political opinion with the discussion on the MYE study.” MYE refers to the semi-annual examination, which was the FBI code-word for the Clinton probe.


Horowitz, found no evidence that the political complexion of the influences found prosecutorial decisions in the Clinton E-Mail probe.

Horowitz confirmed in June that he is currently, whether Strzok anti-Trump bias takes into account the introduction of the bureau, Russia investigation.

Brooke Singman is a political Reporter for Fox News. You can follow her on Twitter at @Brooke FoxNews.

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