“New smartphone battery with water is not explosiegevoelig’

“New smartphone battery with water is not explosiegevoelig’

Photo: Bloomberg

A new kind of lithium-ion battery would not just explode, because a part of water.

The battery was presented in a study from the University of Maryland that is published in Joules.

Smartphones use almost all lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are charged by ions moving from one electrode to the other.

Between the electrodes electrolytes that help to make the ions to move. The chemicals in this can easy ignition, which makes a smartphone battery in rare cases can explode.

The researchers succeeded in electrolytes are water-based, four-volt can hold. Thus, the electrolytes of the same capacity as the usual alternatives.

Short battery life

The research team succeeded two years back all in to get electrolytes are water-based, but this would seriously affect the electrodes in a battery. The new model has a special coating, making this no longer the case.
The new smartphone part has a shorter life span than is normally the case. A battery with special battery electrolytes may be only 70 times to be recharged, while conventional phone batteries more than 500 times fully loaded.

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