New season of The Luizenmoeder: How was it again?

“Hello all, so glad you’re there.” Of carnavalskraker to source of inspiration for dj’s: the whole of the Netherlands was overrun by the success of The Luizenmoeder. But how was it again? light the protagonists, put the highlights of the first season in a row and looks forward to the second season, Sunday 10 February.

Parents with a school principal, a crooked skate ‘ drive and red ears on the playground. Some viewers of The Luizenmoeder recognise themselves in the episodes, in which situations are outlined that parents of children’s daily experience at the elementary schools and schoolyards. The whole of the Netherlands was curious about life at primary school The Ivy, which ultimately leads to sky-high ratings led. The fourth installment, Let them shine, attracted including delayed viewing up 4.745.000 interested parties, an unprecedented high number for a series of public service broadcasting.

Centrally in the series is kinderpsychologe Hannah, played by Jennifer Hoffman. The actress was, before they are in the comedyserie played, five years to see in Doctor Tinus. As the mother of a new student at school must be Hannah standing to hold in a world of hangouders, moedermaffia, healthy treats, appgroepen, ten-minutengesprekjes and parent participation. Also the lives of the principal, the teachers, the masters and concierge are storylines in the kijkcijferhit of AVROTROS.


Mrs. Ank welcomes Hannah with ‘Hello all’

Pillars of the series are also teacher Ank Close (Ilse Warringa), director Anton Flier (Diederik Ebbinge) and miss Julia (Leny Brederveld). The supporting roles are there for, among others, concierge Volkert (Henry van Loon), Kenneth (André Dongelmans), and Walter (Rop Verheijen). Especially the latter are a number of times the center of ridicule and scorn in the schoolyard of The Ivy.

The series, recorded in an empty school building in Mijdrecht, can be characterised as cases of uncomfortable humor. The Luizenmoeder plays with stereotypes and prejudices, which is one of the most famous scenes in the confusion of miss Ank in the direction of the dark-colored father, Kenneth. Kenneth is a teacher Ank as a cleaner, while he has his child to school. About uncomfortable silences spoken.

Scenes are the topic of conversation at the coffee machine

A number of scenes is at the viewers in the memory. So also the scene of a learner who wants to treat. The reaction of miss Ank: if you do not birthday, you’re not. Even if you perenmolletjes have made. And dropoogjes are out of the question.

Also, mrs. Ank done with afscheidnemen of the parents to their offspring. The next hit after Hi all, I’m so excited that you are born with Day, day, day parents of group 3. Subsequently went to teacher Thanks yet again on her stripes. With No more swinging, she wanted to now really try to make it clear that it was ready.

Perhaps the most famous scene from the first season of The Luizenmoeder is that of the sexual education. Mrs. Ank has it about ‘voorbips’ and ‘pielemuis’, words that put a smile on the face of the viewers knew. ‘icipizza’ was a hit. A large pizzaketen hooked even. Also “we think That’s not weird, that we find particularly” turns out to be a recognizable pronunciation for teachers and masters, giving their students more or less in protection.


Teacher Hank gives sex education in The Luizenmoeder

The Luizenmoeder grabs in addition to high ratings also prices

The series harvest a lot of praise, gets high ratings and will also get awards. Especially the acting of Warringa deliver its prices. The 43-year-old actress win a Golden Calf in the category best actress in a television drama. In addition, they also distinguish with the Golden Televizier-Ring Gala. She wins the Silver Televizier-Star Actor/Actress, where she, among others, The Luizenmoeder colleague Hoffman beats. Also Lies Visschedijk (for her role in Soof is fishing behind the net.

The Luizenmoeder is also nominated for the Golden Televizier-Ring. The top prize in the media world will never forget the series, however, Beau Five Days Inside leave, for which Beau van Erven Dorens five days in different clinics, such as a hospice or burn unit, stayed.

For the NPO comedy itself, there is also a distinction to play. The Silver debut competition in June will be given to the cast. The jury praised the series, because it has a wide group of people represents. “The Luizenmoeder that we are. Hello all: young, old, left, right, canals, province, politically correct or politically incorrect. No one escaped, no one was spared. And that everything in the familiar arena of the school playground, that under the thin layer of enamel from cozy children playing and keuvelende parents a true jungle.”

The Ivy gets heavy in the second season

In the second season, the lives of the main characters after the summer break further. Hannah makes a development by. In her new role as klassenmoeder she does everything to make the balance in the schoolyard-ouderhiërarchie to recover.

The school has a hard time and need to pull out all the stops to have no pupils to surrounding schools to lose. Especially head teacher, Anton is committed to doing with full devotion for, and during the summer holidays, a waterproof security policy twisted together. Also comes the celebration of christmas and the associated commotion over in the new season and takes over miss Julia’s farewell from elementary school to The Ivy.

To the original cast for the second season, two new members added. Walid Benmbarek and Dunya Khayame play the couple, Amir and Esma. Their son, Achmed’s new in group 4.

The second season of The Luizenmoeder is from Sunday 10 February at 20.25 hours on NPO3.


‘Safe fingers’ is unique sellingpoint in continued The Luizenmoeder

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