‘New research seems to be genetic taste preference for fat to confirm

‘New research seems to be genetic taste preference for fat to confirm

The preference for fat taste similar to some people in the genes. Because of this, they run more risk of developing obesity.

The university of Cambridge examined 54 people on their taste preferences. Fourteen people contributed the so-called MC4R gene, twenty were overweight and the remaining twenty were at a normal weight.

The participants were unlimited servings of the dish chicken korma offered in three different ‘flavors’. The three variants differed not in appearance, and as little as possible in taste, but contain different amounts of fat. There was a variant with little fat, a variant with the usual amount of fat for the dish and an extra fat variation.

The 54 participants ate about the same, but the people with the abnormal gene chose almost all of the fat variant. The other forty people chose for the other variants.


This effect did not exist in sweetness: the participants were also three variants of a pudding submitted. The sweetest pudding was by the people with the gene is not selected as the best.

“Often, we eat foods that are not only a lot of fat in it, but also a lot of sugar. By these various nutrients tested with this particular group, we can show that there are all sorts of connections in the brain to regulate what tastes people prefer,” said lead researcher Sadaf Farooqi at the BBC.

The researchers emphasize that their findings are not proof that people with the gene are helpless in their urge to fat. According to the researchers, it is also important for them not to give in to such preferences.

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