“New pill may symptoms of gluten allergy reduce’

“New pill may symptoms of gluten allergy reduce’

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A newly developed tablet could prevent a substantial proportion of the protein gluten, the small intestine is reached. This ensures that people with a sensitivity to gluten tiny amounts of gluten can eat, without the adverse symptoms experienced.

The pill contains the enzyme aspergillus niger-derived prolyl endoprotease (AN-PEP) and was first presented during the Digestive Disease Week in Chicago.

“Thanks to the tablet can glutengevoelige patients feel safer when they go to eat in a restaurant and not know if they eat something that is gluten free,” says Julia König, lead author of the study. “Since small amounts of gluten all may affect persons with a gluten intolerance, this supplement can play a major role.”

From previous studies, we showed that AN-PEP gluten (found in products with certain types of grain) could abort when the enzyme via feeding tubes in the stomach to miss. In this study, the enzyme was tested in combination with a “normal” meal.


Eighteen patients with gluten intolerance ate a porridge in which two containing biscuits were processed. They were given a low or high dose of AN-PEP or placebo. Then the researchers during three hours the glutenniveau in the stomach and small intestine of the participants.

It showed that AN-PEP in both low and high dose of gluten broke off in both the stomach and in the duodenum, the first part of the small intestine. In the stomach were the glutenniveaus of both the group receiving a high dose was given, if the group with a low dose of the enzyme is 85 percent lower than that of the placebo group. When the food is in the duodenum reached, was the glutenniveau with 81 percent in the high dose group and 87% in the group receiving a low dose of the enzyme got.


“AN-PEP will not be able to ensure that people with gluten intolerance without problems pasta or pizza to eat, but these results indicate that this enzyme probably is effective in patients who accidentally gets a small amount of gluten in their diet.”

The researchers stress that the pill is only meant for people who are sensitive to gluten. People with celiac disease – no gluten can tolerate – it is not advised to use the tablet to take, since even a small amount of gluten already in permanent damage to them can cause.

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