New on Netlix: These movies and series were published last week

Each week new titles are added to the offerings of Netflix. These titles were published last week on the streaming service.

Fifty Shades Of Grey

Student Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) begins a BDSM relationship with the wealthy Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) in Fifty Shades of Grey. Although almost no one says this erotic thriller, the film was a huge success. The same is true for the two vervolgfilms, which are based on the novels by E. L. James.

Check out the trailer of Fifty Shades of Grey

When Was Happiness Is Very Simply

The popular comedyserie Then it Was Luck Really, Just stopped in 2009, but gained in 2014 a real goodbye, with a motion picture film. Jaap Kooiman (Gerard Cox) kill by accident the dog of his mother-in-law, and for observation in a facility placed. For fans it takes getting used to; the movie was on location shot and the cast was greatly expanded.

Soon will get a other popular series, the exciting Penoza, the same treatment.

Hello Bungalow

Three friends (Lies Visschedijk, Eva van der Gucht, Anne-Marie Jung) accidentally linger at their summer job on a bungalow park. If the owner of the park (Stefan de Walle) there are fraudulent practices on hold, start the girlfriends a chantageactie. As a pair of hardened assassins a holiday home, realize the friends in what danger they live in.


Trailer Hello Bungalow

Under The Heart

Masha (Kim van Kooten), meets the divorced general practitioner Luuk (Koen de Graeve). If he is seriously ill, turns out, his ex-wife (Lies Visschedijk) care about to want to take. Luuks daughters see also not as much in contact with the new girlfriend of their father. Kim van Kooten was nominated for a Golden Calf for her role in this poignant drama.

High Flying Bird

High Flying Bird coming young basketball players not to bake, because the NBA total rest. Via social media prove they are also without professional teams for entertainment. Steven Soderbergh shot this film with an iPhone.


ReMastered: The Two Killings, Or Sam Cooke

Soul legend Sam Cooke, came in 1964 to life. According to the official version, he was shot after he was a hotel manager attacked. Friends and acquaintances have doubts still on this story. , The singer was killed by a rogue business partner? Or were the security services might not be happy with Cookes work for the civil rights movement?


Trailer ReMastered


After the Second world War, tried Indonesia independent from the Netherlands, using the withdrawal of the Japanese soldiers. During this lawless period witnessed terrible massacres place. In Buitenkampers tell people that in this period outside the guarded camps were about their trials.

And further…

This week is the new Netflix offerings are relatively modest. Keep filled, because in a few days will appear the seventh season of Homeland! Also we heard this week that The Walking Dead again soon to see is on Netflix, but when exactly is not yet known.

If this week is little for you to sit: last week was the new offer, however large.

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