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Every week there will be new titles added to the offerings of Netflix. These titles appeared last week on the streaming service.

The Revenant

After five nominations received Leonardo DiCaprio, in 2016, finally an Oscar, for his role in this raw western/survivalfilm. The snowy landscape it calls maybe a christmas spirit, but the warm thought in The Revenant completely absent.


Just as The Revenant comes Birdman from the sleeve by director Alejandro González Iñárritu. He won with Birdman the Oscar for Best Director. Michael Keaton plays Riggan Thomson, an actor who has had much success by the superhero Birdman to play. Since then, he is not taken seriously anymore and Birdman is both a blessing and a curse, in this black comedy.

Bird Box

A Quiet Place, the horrorthriller about the monsters that come down to sound, scored this year, a lot of good. Netflix comes with a Bird Box on a stick, a film that there could be some resemblance. Sandra Bullock tries to two children through a forest to guide them, full of terrible creatures. Anyone who these monsters see commits of misery suicide. In addition to Bullock, we see, among others, John Malkovich, Trevante Rhodes and Sarah Paulson.

Springsteen On Broadway

Bruce Springsteen made headlines with his theatre show on Broadway, but a large part of his fans, could not be. The muziekheld of the class solved this cleverly, by Springsteen On Broadway in full on Netflix. In addition to musings and reflections on the past, sings Springsteen in a number of his biggest hits.

Shutter Island

Leonardo DiCaprio investigates as an FBI agent the disappearance of a patient in a psychiatric institution. Soon it seems as though this prison are not at all in the hook.

Non Stop

Liam Neeson was by Tasks an unexpected action hero. In Non-Stop he plays an Air Marshall on board a rampvlucht. Someone promises to be every twenty minutes a passenger to kill, unless there is a huge amount is paid. Neeson tries the explosive situation in 10,000 meters altitude to solve the problem. Soon he returns in the icy thriller, Cold Pursuit.


Watch the trailer for The Revenant


Thanks to new additions such as Ratatouille, Emperor Kuzco, Piratenplaneet and Sammy’s Adventures 2 for the children is also plenty to enjoy.


The emphasis seems to be these christmas holidays at the movies, but for lovers of krimi’s Perfume an interesting new series. This German series revolves around a number of murders that are mentioned in the book Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, by Patrick Süskind

The Netflix offer of next week is also already known. Here you find a overview. How the first two weeks of 2019 look like, you can read on Superguide.


Watch the trailer for Perfume

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